Celebrity mag uncovers made-up interviews

Germany celebrity magazine Neon says it has discovered five fake celebrity interviews all done by one freelance journalist.

A German celebrity magazine has admitted it published five fake interviews with stars such as Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Snoop Dogg, all from the same writer.

Neon posted a message on its website over the weekend saying that it "apologized to its readers and the artists concerned" for the five made-up articles.

It also said it has "terminated all relationships" with reporter Ingo Mocek who was responsible for the stories, dating back to 2004.

The issue came up in January when the management team for Beyoncé called up Neon about an interview by the freelancer published in that month's issue.

When the editors confronted Mocek, they said he was "not able to verify certain statements, particularly the statements regarding a marriage contract of Ms. Knowles."

That article alleges that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z had a secret two-year marriage contract worth $10 million US, implying that the couple was about to break up. It also said that Beyoncé had some hard feelings toward white music producers.

"We assume that the interview did not take place as claimed," said the magazine's statement.

Neon's editors, Michael Ebert and Timm Klotzek, also directed a statement to the American singer, saying: "We sincerely apologize to Ms. Knowles and her management for all personal inconvenience that may have arisen due to the publication of the interview."