Baroness von Sketch Show mines modern life to find 'truth of the moment'

The absurdity, awkwardness and hilarity of modern life is fuel for Baroness von Sketch Show, an irreverent, all-female sketch comedy series debuting Tuesday.

Comedic quartet star in, write and produce the new sketch series

'Slice of life' comedy: The Baroness von Sketch Show

6 years ago
Duration 1:01
Showrunner-comic Carolyn Taylor and fellow performer Aurora Browne on mining real life for laughs in CBC-TV's The Baroness von Sketch Show.

The absurdity, awkwardness and hilarity of modern life is fuel for Baroness von Sketch Show, an irreverent, all-female sketch comedy series debuting Tuesday.

Shot in Toronto, the show features the talents of a quartet of veteran comedians: Carolyn Taylor, Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen — who star in, write and executive-produce the fledgling series.

"We've had so much support from our community, from the people who've come before us — we've heard: 'Oh my God, we're so happy you guys are doing this' — to the people who are still up-and-coming, honing their comedy chops," Taylor, who also serves as showrunner for the new series, told CBC News in a recent interview.

"We've felt a lot of support and we do feel — it's not a responsibility because that's such a heavy word — but we do want to open the door for other people."

Baroness von Sketch Show airs Tuesdays on CBC-TV at 9:30 p.m.

Note: strong language in the following clip.