Barclay's novels worldwide hits, but little-known at home

CBC's Deana Sumanac talks to the Oakville, Ont., native about his internationally best-selling crime thrillers and his relative obscurity at home.

Best-selling author available in 30 languages, but not a household name in Canada

The best-selling Canadian author's crime novels are critically acclaimed around the world, yet he's little-known here at home, Deana Sumanac reports 3:43

Linwood Barclay's crime thrillers have won him critical acclaim worldwide and are available in 30 languages.

The internationally-recognized author has sold over five million copies of his books, and Stephen King ranks among his highest-profile fans — but the Canadian still isn't a household name here in Canada.

Barclay was a Toronto Star humour columnist for decades, writing fiction at night. His fifth book, the 2007 thriller No Time for Goodbye, shot his name to the international best sellers list. He left the Star in 2009 and now writes full time.

His newest novel, A Tap on the Window, hit bookstores last week and a movie deal for his novel Trust Your Eyes was recently picked up by Warner Bros. for seven figures.

In the video above, CBC's Deana Sumanac spoke to Barclay at his Oakville, Ont., home for The National about his love of detective fiction, the relative lack of attention when working in genre fiction and his love of model trains.