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Workers at U.K.'s biggest container port expected to launch 8-day strike Sunday

Almost 2,000 workers at the United Kingdom's biggest container port are expected to launch an eight-day strike Sunday over a pay dispute, as thousands of rail workers continued a summer of strikes to seek better pay and job security.

No more fines for U.K. PM Boris Johnson after police wrap 'partygate' probe

Britain's Metropolitan Police told Prime Minister Boris Johnson he faced no further action over lockdown-breaching gatherings at his official residence and other government sites, after the force said Thursday it has concluded its investigation into politicians' parties that violated the country's coronavirus restrictions.

U.K. reports record levels of COVID-19 infections

The prevalence of COVID-19 in the U.K. has reached record levels, with about one in 13 people estimated to be infected with the virus in the past week, according to the latest figures from Britain's official statistics agency.

BBC names retired judge to lead investigation into 1995 Princess Diana interview

BBC's board of directors approved the appointment of a retired senior judge to lead an independent investigation into the circumstances around a controversial 1995 TV interview with Princess Diana.

Suits actress Meghan Markle to be a new kind of royal

She is an established entertainment figure and an outspoken woman comfortable talking about her background and her passions: American actress Meghan Markle will be a new type of royal when she weds Prince Harry in the spring.

Hong Kong police clear protesters from tunnel

Hundreds of Hong Kong police officers, many of them in riot gear and wielding pepper spray, have moved in to clear pro-democracy protesters out of a tunnel outside of government headquarters.