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Joseph Pugh is a writer with the Entertainment department at CBC News. Prior to joining CBC he worked with the news department at CHLY, Nanaimo's Community radio station, and taught math at Toronto's Urban International School. He can be reached at

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A new Canadian doc follows four musicians on the autism spectrum as they release an EP

Three members of the ASD Band met onstage in 2019 for they thought would be a one-off gig alongside Supertramp's Roger Hodgson for World Autism Awareness Day. Now, the band has released an EP and is the subject of Okay! (The ASD Band Film), premiering at Toronto's Hot Docs Festival.

How a Canadian film is animating the difficult story of an underappreciated artist

The animated film Charlotte deals with the story of Second World War-era Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon. It stars Kiera Knightley and is getting a theatrical release in some Canadian cities today after playing at TIFF last year.

The Kids in the Hall are making a comeback

Canadian sketch-comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall is making a return to our screens after a long hiatus. Twenty-seven years after the original series wrapped up on CBC, they're headed to Amazon Prime, with a new season debuting May 13.

Many teens still struggling with condensed school schedules, but relief is coming — for some

Now in their third school year affected by the pandemic, some Canadian high schoolers continue to struggle with condensed schedules. While some schools are planning a return to normal timetables, others will continue with pandemic-altered system for the rest of the year.

As the DVD turns 25, why people still love collecting them — even with a shelf life

Disc collectors point to special features, guaranteed availability of titles and rights issues as reasons to keep DVDs around.

There's more than scares to surprise you in these boundary-pushing Canadian horror films

A number of cliché-busting, critically successful Canadian horror films were released in 2021, but they face an uphill battle when it comes to grabbing the attention of audiences. We look at some of the titles you still have time to stream before Halloween.