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Senior digital writer

Based in Toronto, Jessica Wong covers Canadian education stories for CBC News. She previously covered arts and entertainment news, both national and international, and has been a digital journalist for CBC since 2001. You can reach her at

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From juggling to cricket: How parents and teachers can help kids kick the pandemic slump

Daily physical activity levels for Canadian children and teens dropped significantly during the pandemic, as school itself has become more sedentary. It's time, say experts, to get kids moving again. 

How's your province or territory helping students recover from pandemic schooling? Here's what they told us

As a third school year impacted by COVID-19 winds down, CBC News asked Canada's provincial and territorial governments about their plans to help students recover from pandemic education. Here's a summary of what they shared and what education experts think about the details.

How new names, refreshed studies of history are inspiring change at Canada's universities

As more complicated portraits emerge about Canadian historical figures at their namesake institutions, we asked historians and a sociologist about how the post-secondary world is grappling with the issue. 

As Ukrainian students arrive in Canada, experts urge schools to be welcoming, culturally informed

As a new wave of newcomers arrives from the Ukraine, educators and settlement workers are highlighting what's needed to support young students to continue their studies successfully in Canada.

On Wednesday, many students wore pink. But advocates say LGBTQ youth need support all year

LGBTQ youth are a population deeply affected by COVID-19's disruptions to in-person learning, since school is where many find safe spaces among peers and supportive teachers. As momentum builds for a return to normal, advocates are urging decision-makers to renew and maintain focus on LGBTQ youth.

Staff shortages, rising absences in pandemic's 6th wave take a toll on classrooms

The current rise in positive COVID-19 cases is impacting classrooms again, this time after most in-school mitigation measures have been dropped — or will be soon. Teachers, union leaders and board officials share what's happening, as ongoing staff shortages and absences rise amid the sixth wave. 

Worries of more school disruptions are rising alongside COVID-19 cases

As some health experts warn of rising new COVID-19 infection and hospitalization rates, parents and school officials are bracing for what a sixth wave may bring to classrooms. 

These students are driving conversations about truth and reconciliation in their classrooms

A delegation of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people are returning from Rome after meeting with Pope Francis to share stories about the impact of Canada's residential schools. Here at home, students and parents are keeping conversations about truth and reconciliation in education alive. 

School decision-makers missed the mark with pandemic policies, say parents

From debates over masking in schools to students repeatedly bounced between in-person and remote learning, many parents feel Canadian policy-makers have let our children down during the pandemic. 

Rising tuition, student debt weigh heavily on post-secondary students

Facing ever-rising tuition as well as higher prices for food, housing and other necessities, Canadian students shared their costs of living and the financial pressures worrying them.