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Jessica Wong is a senior writer for CBC News, based in Toronto.

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Ontario is expanding asymptomatic COVID-19 testing in schools. Here's what you need to know

Asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 is ramping up in schools across Ontario. We asked several experts how and why that testing is being done and what impact it will have when it comes to protecting classrooms from the coronavirus and its new variants.

How virtual field trips are bringing animals, art, music and more directly to students

The pandemic has stopped many classes from taking field trips and halted in-school visits, but some Canadian cultural institutions have revamped their educational programming to offer virtual experiences that are reaching students in their neighbourhoods and beyond.

How 3 Canadians are fighting anti-Black racism in education

Since the Black Lives Matter demonstrations last year and amid the ongoing pandemic, some parents and educators have a renewed fervour in working to combat anti-Black racism in the Canadian education system.

Why a new Britney Spears documentary is re-examining the pop star's story

A documentary revisiting the career of 1990s pop superstar Britney Spears is sparking fresh discourse about the making — and breaking — of a celebrity.

Virtual classes, part-time studies and deferred starts: How teens are facing post-secondary in a pandemic

As classes at colleges and universities continue online, a new crop of students is priming for fall — without knowledge of what school will look like. Three teens share the choices they're weighing as they embark on their post-secondary journey under the shadow of COVID-19.

Disrupted schooling, learning loss will have effects long after pandemic, say education experts

From switching between remote and in-person learning to juggling class quarantines due to school-related cases, students continue to grapple with a tumultuous education experience amid COVID-19. Education experts say disrupted schooling and learning loss will persist long after the pandemic wanes.

Teens feeling disconnected, hopeless due to COVID-19 raises alarm for parents, experts

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many teens and young Canadians feeling disconnected, hopeless and lacking motivation to navigate school and daily life — and this sentiment is causing concern for parents and experts alike.

Ontario special education classes can continue in person, but concerns about safety persist

While in-person schools in southern Ontario COVID-19 hot spots will remain closed until at least Feb. 10, face-to-face learning has resumed for students in some special education classes. But is it safe for these students and their teachers to be in classrooms right now? 

COVID-19 vs. school: We asked experts about transmission risks and what is needed to keep classrooms open

While some students are back in class following the holiday break, others are sticking with remote learning for now, due to a rise in cases of COVID-19 among school-aged kids. We asked experts about the risks of in-school transmissions, what's needed to keep in-person classes open and how new variants of the virus factor into the picture.

Students struggle as school goes online-only in 4 provinces after Christmas break

It can be tough getting back into school routines following the winter break, but students in Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario are facing additional challenges this week as they hit the books virtually — for at least a week — rather than return in person.