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Seven Up, Coal Miner's Daughter director Michael Apted dead at 79

British filmmaker Michael Apted, who directed both the Seven Up series and Coal Miner’s Daughter, has died. He was 79.

The dark side: 2020 was a boom year for horror on-screen — and that's no accident

Horror landed in 2020 both instructing and judging, as well as thriving. It's a boom time for the genre, which entered its renaissance only a few years ago and is likely to only be helped by a global pandemic.

New slate of LGBTQ holiday movies sparks joy, criticism over portrayal of queer stories

Five holiday films that feature LGBTQ main characters are being released in 2020, representing a dramatic shift in the film industry. While some industry insiders welcome the addition of more gay main characters to lighthearted holiday movies, some critics say there's more to be done to shed old tropes.

Journalist Ernest Tucker inducted into CBC News Hall of Fame

Reporter and longtime educator Ernest Tucker, considered to be CBC's first Black journalist, has been inducted into the CBC News Hall of Fame.

Chess fans hail The Queen's Gambit for upending male-dominated sport

The Queen’s Gambit is Netflix’s biggest scripted limited series to date. Chess enthusiasts believe it is bringing more people to the game, in the process making it more accessible to a group historically kept out of it — women.

How the Grammys' scattershot efforts at inclusion managed to alienate audiences and artists

The raft of musicians who were snubbed by the 2021 Grammy Award nominations on Tuesday highlight the Recording Academy's scattershot efforts at inclusion, say industry observers, pointing out that ironically, those snubs might have been inadvertently caused by the academy's attempts to do the opposite. 

Why Season 4 of The Crown is facing criticism for its 'overly caricatured' history

Season 4 of The Crown has proven popular with Netflix viewers. But because it is based on relatively recent history, it's facing criticism for distorting real-life events.

Why representation in Deepa Mehta's Funny Boy has some in the Tamil community upset

Some groups from the Tamil diaspora are calling for a boycott of Deepa Mehta's upcoming film Funny Boy, due to too few Tamil actors in leading roles.

NXIVM and the unending desire for cult content

After Keith Reiniere was handed a life sentence this week, the presence of the cult he founded, NXIVM, is only growing. The cult has spawned a huge number of books, docuseries and podcasts. Some journalists say that raises questions around the ethics of mining a story of manipulation for entertainment.

Funny Boy chosen as Canada's Oscars submission for best international film

Director Deepa Mehta's film Funny Boy will represent Canada at the 93rd Academy Awards as the submission for best international film, Telefilm Canada's executive director Christa Dickenson announced on Thursday.