Eli Glasner

Senior entertainment reporter

Eli Glasner is the senior entertainment reporter and screentime columnist for CBC News. Covering culture has taken him from the northern tip of Moosonee Ontario to the Oscars and beyond.  You can reach him at eli.glasner@cbc.ca.

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Maestro — Bradley Cooper's cinematic symphony — soars

Bradley Cooper, the director and star of A Star is Born, is back in Maestro, his new movie about Leonard Bernstein that CBC's Eli Glasner say is a stunning portrait of a complicated love story.

A different kind of Mean Streets — How Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon earns its epic runtime

Love, lies and greed. That's just some of what's waiting for audiences in Killers of the Flower Moon, the latest film from director Martin Scorsese. The runtime may be over three hours, but CBC's Eli Glasner says the director makes the most of it.

15 must-see films to watch at TIFF 2023 — and after

While the SAG/AFTRA strike in Hollywood has kept some stars at home during this year's Toronto International Film Festival, there's still a plethora of fantastic movies to choose from. CBC's Entertainment News team has put together a list of the must-see offerings at TIFF 2023.

Bottoms is the unhinged queer Fight Club movie you didn't know you needed

Bottoms is not your average high school comedy, and that's what makes its so refreshing. It's also, extremely violent, unfliltered and frequently hilarious says CBC's Eli Glasner.

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have the rizz, in a radical teen-focused reboot

It's not sus, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have the rizz. After many versions, the heroes in a half shell have a new look and a fresh vibe in a new animated adventure that lets the teens be teens.

The real love and loss behind Elemental's fire-meets-water movie

What happens when fire meets water? It's not a science experiment, it's the start of a new movie from Pixar. The latest animated adventure from Pixar is filled with fantastical creations, but it's the director's own experience growing up the son of immigrants that could make this story special.

The Flash has issues and Ezra Miller is only one of them

Long delayed and highly anticipated, The Flash has finally arrived. While the studio tried to pave over any issues with Ezra Miller's behaviour, CBC's Eli Glasner says the film caters to superfans, leaving mainstream appeal behind.

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is fuel for fans with a new flavour (and a funny Pete Davidson)

The era of Michael Bay Transformers is over and it's a much-needed change, says CBC's Eli Glasner as director Steven Caple Jr. presents a new epic with a flavour all his own.

Call it Amazing, call it Spectacular — what sets Spider-Verse sequel apart is the storytelling

It's not easy to live up to 2018's animated Spider-Man movie that many called the best super hero story in years, but CBC's Eli Glasner says the sequel actually builds on the strengths of the original with articulate characters and remarkably expressive images.

Pedal to the metal and running on fumes, Fast X is furiously flawed

Vin Diesel and his Fast and Furious family roar into theatres with Fast X, the tenth instalment in the long-running franchise. CBC's Eli Glasner takes a look under the hood at the automotive extravaganza.