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Gucci launches North American diversity scholarship program

Italian fashion house Gucci has launched a $1.5 million US university scholarship program that is aimed at students who are "traditionally underrepresented" in the fashion industry. Students in Toronto are eligible.

European venues wait-and-see after allegations against Placido Domingo

While two U.S. opera houses immediately canceled performances by famed tenor Placido Domingo following sexual harassment allegations, European opera houses are taking stances ranging from supportive to wait-and-see.

With only scratches, 17 stolen masterpieces returned to Italy

Seventeen masterpieces valued at 17 million euros ($17.7 million) were returned to Italy from Ukraine on Wednesday after being stolen by masked, armed robbers from a Verona art museum last year.

Model Gigi Hadid manhandled in Milan by prankster former TV reporter

Model Gigi Hadid was manhandled outside a Milan Fashion Week venue Thursday by a former Ukrainian television reporter who has pulled similar stunts in Paris, Los Angeles and Moscow.

Christo's new artwork The Floating Pier like 'walking on the back of a whale'

It's taken nearly 2,000 years, but regular folks will soon get to feel what it is like to walk on water thanks to a project by the artist Christo, who may or may not have had his namesake in mind when envisioning his latest project: The Floating Piers.

Migrant ship sinking: Captain, 1st mate arrested on suspicion of people trafficking

Italian authorities have arrested the Tunisian captain and a Syrian crew member of Sunday's migrant boat disaster on suspicion of people trafficking after the men arrived in the Sicilian port of Catania.