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Does the AstraZeneca vaccine cause more common side-effects than others? Your coronavirus questions answered

Also: Can I mix vaccine brands yet? And does taking Aspirin reduce the risk of getting a blood clot? More answers to your pandemic questions.

Polypropylene is now recommended in masks. Should I be concerned? Your mask questions answered

How close can you get to others when you're both wearing masks? Is it your right not to wear one? Can you wear a mask under your nose? Are frozen masks less effective? And now that polypropylene is recommended in masks, should I be worried about breathing it in? Here are the answers to your latest questions on masks and COVID-19.

Is more testing behind the record numbers of COVID-19 cases in Canada? Your testing questions answered

Are the record case counts in many provinces caused by increased testing? How long are test samples good for? Why can’t you provide a stool sample instead of getting a nose swab? Are pharmacy tests accurate? Here are the answers to some of your COVID-19 testing questions.

Thanksgiving and other gatherings: Your COVID-19 questions answered

As COVID-19 cases rise in many provinces, how can you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving safely this year? Are small dinner parties OK? Can you still have get-togethers outdoors? What if you wear masks and physically distance? Is it still OK to eat at restaurants?

Is heat needed to clean reusable masks? Your COVID questions answered

Is heat or soap more important for cleaning reusable masks? Are damp masks less effective? What’s a safe way to travel to a COVID testing centre if you don’t own a car? Can you get COVID twice? Are infrared thermometers dangerous? Your questions answered.

Why can't we just get tested instead of isolating after international travel? Your COVID-19 questions answered

Why can’t you get a COVID-19 test instead of quarantining after travel? Can connecting passengers leave the airport? Your questions answered.

Can I use a mouth shield instead of a mask? Your COVID-19 questions answered

Mouth shields look cool, but do they work? Is dancing at weddings allowed? And what’s the safest way to hug? We’re answering your pandemic questions.

Can kids still see their grandparents? Your back-to-school COVID-19 questions answered

With the first day of school just weeks away, CBC News readers have had lots of questions. Can kids see their grandparents once school starts? Should kids get tested before September? Is it safe to take the school bus? What happens if my child shows symptoms? Here are some answers.

Masks: Everything you need to know but might be too afraid to ask

We’ve received more than 1,000 questions about masks from Canadians, and some inquiries show that many of you are just straight-up confused about wearing them. We took your most common and curious questions to the experts.

Can I host a kids party in my backyard? Your COVID-19 questions answered

We're answering your questions about the pandemic. Send yours to and we’ll answer as many as we can. We’ll publish a selection of answers every weekday online, and also put some questions to the experts during The National and on CBC News Network.