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Alice Hopton is a national arts and entertainment producer for CBC News.

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'Being able to tell our own stories': Molly of Denali brings Indigenous voices to the fore

Molly of Denali, a new animated children's TV series, is breaking new ground by putting young Indigenous characters front and centre in starring roles — and by giving Indigenous creators the opportunity to tell their own stories.

How documentaries seek to bring climate change stories to life

From heartbreaking footage of struggling wildlife to music videos designed to go viral, some filmmakers and creators are using bold new tactics to ensure their work inspires a global call to action when it comes to climate change.

Canadian film director Patricia Rozema takes a chance adapting experimental play

Patricia Rozema laughingly admits it was crazy for her to think she could turn Mouthpiece, the award winning experimental play, into a movie.

The Giller Prize turns 25: contenders say it's about more than winning $100K

The Scotiabank Giller Prize isn't just about the $100K cash prize, it's also about being afforded the time to write that next novel and gaining access to new readers, this year's finalists said.

Meet the women giving cannabis culture a style makeover

Female entrepreneurs are carving out their own space in the male-heavy cannabis industry by creating sleek accessories for women who smoke weed.

Stratford Festival tackles gender by casting women in lead male roles

For the first time ever on the Stratford Festival main stage, two women are playing male lead roles. For Martha Henry, playing Prospero in The Tempest means that instead of her career being over, she's performing the role of a lifetime.

High-tech production Frame by Frame lights up National Ballet

Canadian director Robert Lepage hopes to push the boundaries of ballet for our technological era. He's teamed up with the National Ballet and NFB to present a multimedia dance production that marries ballet and abstract film animation.

How romance novels are getting a makeover in the Trump era

Since the election of Donald Trump, romance writers are rethinking the kind of heroes they want to celebrate. Some have decided it's time to get overtly political.

'I have difficulty with the hero thing:' Jeff Bauman on Boston Marathon bombing film Stronger

How does it feel to have Jake Gyllenhaal play you in a major Hollywood movie? 'It was surreal,' says Jeff Bauman, the real-life inspiration for Stronger, a biographical drama about his recovery after losing his legs in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Behind soccer fever: Sports drama 21 Thunder explores a cutthroat world

Sex, guns and gangs — it's not what usually comes to mind when you think of aspiring young soccer players, but it's all part of CBC-TV's new sports drama 21 Thunder.

Anna Paquin busts TV stereotypes as Bellevue's flawed female lead

A female lead unlike what we typically see onscreen is what drew Anna Paquin to star in CBC's eerie new crime drama Bellevue.

'You never quite know what you're going to get:' Planet Earth II explores 'the joy of natural history'

That baby iguana who went viral on social media after his heroic escape from a den of ravenous snakes got his starring role courtesy of Planet Earth II.

Syrian refugee kids choir performs at the House of Commons

A year ago these Syrian children had just arrived in Canada, hoping to be welcomed in a new country far from home. Today they sang songs about hope and peace in the House of Commons.

CBC expands accessibility project for hearing-impaired audiences

CBC is expanding a successful pilot project to make its radio programming more accessible to those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, with As It Happens to now join The Current in posting daily show transcripts online to read, print and share.

'You feel like you're reading someone's diary:' teens get real in The Edge of Seventeen

With a strong script and dialogue that rings true, the new coming-of-age comedy starring Hailee Steinfeld highlights the awkwardness and turmoil of teen life.