Aerosmith to rock Prince Edward Island: report

Mega-rock band Aerosmith is reportedly coming to Prince Edward Island in July as part of its Ambassadors of Rock tour.

Rock veterans Aerosmith will be hosting Prince Edward Island's biggest concert ever according to a local newspaper.

The Charlottetown Guardian says it has confirmed the rock band will play the Charlottetown Driving Park Entertainment Centre onJuly 21.

The all-day event, part of Aerosmith's Ambassadors of Rock tour, will feature local performers such as Two Hours Traffic,In-Flight Safety and Nathan Wiley.

The tour's only other Canadian date is July 19 in Sarnia, Ont.

About 30,000 fans are expected to turn up, far more than the 18,000 who attended the Black Eyed Peas concert last year at the same venue.

Concert organizer David Carveris the person behind invitingAerosmith to theIsland. However, Carver ran into problems after last September's Black Eyed Peas event.

In early February, Deputy Mayor Stu MacFadyen said the city wouldn't allow Carver to host another concert until he paid a $17,000 bill for security. MacFadyen did say he was confident the debt would be settled soon.

John Gaudet of the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce, predicts the event will bring huge economic rewards to the region but also wonders if it might draw visitors away from other events during the summer.

"Does one large event take away from the other?'' Gaudet asked in the newspaper. "It's something we'll be discussing.''

Aerosmith, which has sold 100 million albums worldwide, begins its tour April 15 in Buenos Aires. The band's other stops include Dubai, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Moscow.