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P.E.I. voter turnout up in provincial election

Voter turnout for the 2015 P.E.I. provincial election was up 10.5 per cent from four years ago.
Voter turnout in the P.E.I. provincial election was up by 10.5 per cent. (CBC)

Voter turnout for the 2015 P.E.I. provincial election was up 10.5 per cent from four years ago. 

Of the 95,444 voters registered, 81,998 cast a ballot for a total of 85.9 per cent.

The last time voter turnout was that high was in 1986. 

It is also a 10.5 per cent increase from the 2011 provincial election when 76.2 per cent of eligible voters voted. 

Premier Wade MacLauchlan led the PEI Liberal Party to win a majority government with 18 seats. The Liberals received 33,481 votes for 40.8 per cent. 

The Progressive Conservatives secured eight seats in the P.E.I. Legislature with 30,663 votes. The PCs share was 37.4 per cent. Leader Rob Lantz did not win his district, losing by 24 votes. 

Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker made history by winning district Kellys Cross-Cumberland. In total, the Green Party received 10.8 per cent of vote with 8,862 votes cast in their favour. 

The NDP Party did not win a seat but the Mike Redmond led party did increase their percentage of the vote. The NDP received 11 per cent of the vote with 8,997 votes.

Here are the numbers from previous elections:

  • 1986 - 87.60%
  • 1989 - 80.80%
  • 1993 - 80.70%
  • 1996 - 85.48%
  • 2000 - 84.86%
  • 2003 - 83.27%
  • 2007 - 83.84%
  • 2011 - 76.2%


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