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NDP Leader Mike Redmond changes election plans

P.E.I. NDP Leader Mike Redmond will now run in Montague-Kilmuir not Charlottetown-Victoria Park, as he announced back in 2013.

Redmond to run in District 3, Montague-Kilmuir

Mike Redmond announcement

8 years ago
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NDP Leader Mike Redmond announces he will run in district 3, Montague-Kilmuir.

P.E.I. NDP Leader Mike Redmond has changed his mind about where he will run in the next provincial election.

In July 2013, Redmond announced he would run in District 12, Charlottetown-Victoria Park, and has been campaigning extensively.

Tuesday he told CBC News he will now run in District 3, Montague-Kilmuir.

"What has changed significantly is where I live," said Redmond. "And I live outside of Montague. My business is in Montague. I do all of my affairs in Montague and my family are there. So I committed in 2012-2013 to run where I lived. So I'm happy today to announce that I am running in Montague, district 3, Montague-Kilmuir."

District 3 is currently represented by Liberal Cabinet Minister Allen Roach, who is running again. The Progressive Conservative candidate is Andrew Daggett.

Redmond said he was looking forward to the challenge of running against Roach. 

"We are looking forward to providing the people of Montague a different vision."

The NDP leader also said if he was elected, he would commit $30,000 of his salary each year to the Just Being Kids centre located in Montague. 

Chris Clay is seeking the nomination to run for the NDP in District 12. (CBC)
Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 30 president and letter carrier Chris Clay is seeking the NDP nomination
in District 12 instead.

"More than ever, people in District 12 need a change from the Liberal and Conservative parties and I promise to deliver that change as the NDP MLA for our community," said Clay in a news release.

The MLA currently representing District 12 is Liberal Richard Brown and he is running again.

Redmond said candidates will be announced for any remaining districts. 

"I pledged and made a commitment to the people of this province that we would have 27 candidates and I will deliver on that promise." 


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