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Advance voting opens for P.E.I.'s deferred District 9 election

Advance voting opened Saturday morning for the deferred election in P.E.I's District 9. The election in Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park had to be postponed due to the death of a candidate before the 2019 provincial election.

Underhay family to help select new Green Party candidate for District 9 byelection

The Green Party of P.E.I. is paying respect to the memory of Josh Underhay by including a representative from his family to help select the candidate for the byelection in his district.

King has lieutenant-governor's go-ahead to form government

P.E.I.'s lieutenant-governor Antoinette Perry says PC Leader Dennis King "deserves to form a new government," having won a plurality of seats in April 23 election.

Why it took so long to declare a winner in Charlottetown-West Royalty

Some people watching the P.E.I. election Tuesday night may have gone to bed thinking the Green Party won in District 14 Charlottetown-West Royalty only to find out later it went to the Liberal Party.
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'I felt shockingly calm': Rookie MLAs react to their 1st political wins

While there are still some questions to be answered on how P.E.I.'s colourful new government will operate — it will certainly bring many new faces into the House, some who are first-timers to politics all together.
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MacLauchlan hints at what his future may hold at speaking engagement

Wade MacLauchlin made only passing reference in a speech Wednesday to his election defeat just hours earlier.
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Voter turnout not affected by threat at Stratford polling station, says Elections P.E.I.

Elections P.E.I. says a threat to a Stratford polling station did not affect voter turnout.
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What's next for the referendum question on P.E.I.?

Islanders voted to keep the current electoral system of first past the post, but only by a slim margin, begging the question of what's next for the question of electoral reform on P.E.I.
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5 lessons from the P.E.I. provincial election

UPEI political science professor Don Desserud looks back at the most interesting election on P.E.I. in decades.
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Green Party 'has arrived with a very loud noise' on P.E.I.

P.E.I. Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker is celebrating a big win for the party in the provincial election Tuesday.
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P.E.I. election brings slight jump for women in the legislature

P.E.I. woman will see a small jump in representation in the P.E.I. Legislature. Six of the 26 elected MLAs in the Island's 2019 election were women, an increase of one female MLA, with women representing 23 per cent of the House. 
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Who's in, who's out: Meet the new legislative assembly on P.E.I.

New faces, new government and mix of party colours in the House the likes of which Prince Edward Island has never seen.
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P.E.I.'s new minority government will proceed 'issue-by-issue,' says premier designate

Dennis King, the Progressive Conservative premier designate of Prince Edward Island, says he is looking forward to working with the other parties in the legislature to make a new government work.
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P.E.I. NDP will continue to fight for a place in Island politics

The P.E.I. provincial election did not have the result the NDP had hoped for. The party gained no seats in the legislature and only garnered about 2,400 votes across the province.
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Minority government uncharted territory for P.E.I.

P.E.I. is waking up to a new political landscape Wednesday morning, but it is not entirely clear how a government will come together.

Islanders vote to keep first past the post

Islanders have voted not to change their system of voting from first-past-the-post to mixed-member proportional representation, or MMP, in the referendum April 23.

Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan loses seat

Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan has lost his seat in District 8 Stanhope-Marshfield.
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PC minority, Green Opposition will be 'a new era in Island politics'

With all the votes counted, P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Party under rookie Leader Dennis King emerged victorious in Tuesday's election by a narrow margin — after 12 years as the Official Opposition, the party won in 12 districts to the Greens' eight and the Liberals' six. Fourteen seats are needed for a majority.

PC minority government in P.E.I. projected by CBC News

CBC News is projecting a PC minority government in P.E.I., after the party took an early lead in Tuesday's election. 

Watch CBC P.E.I.'s 2019 election coverage

Watch for coverage of the results from P.E.I.'s election — as well as results of the provincial referendum on the electoral system.

P.E.I. students cast ballots in province-wide student vote

Grade 9 students at Queen Charlotte Intermediate are gearing up to cast their ballots Tuesday in a student vote organized by a national non-partisan group called Civix.  

Stratford-Keppoch polling station reopened following unsubstantiated threat

Elections P.E.I. has reopened a polling station in District 6, in Stratford P.E.I., after previously suspending voting.
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Don't leave it last minute: P.E.I. polls close at 7 p.m. sharp

Polls are open for the P.E.I. election as of 9 a.m. and around 36 per cent of eligible voters have already cast their ballot at advanced polls.
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P.E.I. heads to the polls today — and it could make history

The first three-way race in P.E.I.'s electoral history has the Green Party looking to make a breakthrough.
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No voter card? No problem: Know where and when to vote in the P.E.I. election

Some Islanders may be confused as to where they should go to cast their ballots on election night April 23.
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Polls will be open for Islanders in District 9 to vote on electoral reform

Elections P.E.I. is reminding voters that despite a postponed election in District 9, polls will still be open for people to participate in the referendum on electoral reform. 
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Here's how much time P.E.I. party leaders spent campaigning in home districts

If you want to be premier of P.E.I., the first step is getting yourself elected to the legislature.
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P.E.I. Green Party thankful for non-partisan support after candidate's death

Regardless of their politics, Prince Edward Islanders are coming together around the death of Green candidate Josh Underhay, says Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker.