Northwest Territories Votes 2019


N.W.T. voted for change, soon MLAs will decide what that looks like

For the second straight election, voters in the Northwest Territories have signalled they’re ready for change. Soon, the work will begin to actually implement that. 

Online voting in N.W.T. election questioned as recounts set to take place

A judicial recount has been called for results in Yellowknife’s Frame Lake riding and Yellowknife North. The territory's chief electoral officer said she's confident in the online voting system.

Unofficial counts show voter turnout up 10% over last N.W.T. election

Voter turnout for Tuesday's N.W.T. election was up by ten per cent over the last election, according to unofficial numbers from ElectionsNWT

Only 4 of 11 incumbents survive in historic N.W.T. election

Many new faces, including a record number of women, may actually bring new approach to government.

Record number of women elected in Northwest Territories

With nine of 19 MLAs elected Tuesday women, the N.W.T. is the jurisdiction with the highest proportion of women legislators in Canada.
Live Blog

Relive CBC North's election night live blog

CBC's Sidney Cohen brought us live results and analysis as the N.W.T. 2019 election results came in across the territory.

2 ridings heading to recounts in tight Yellowknife races

Kevin O'Reilly wins in slim margin over Dave Ramsay in Frame Lake. In Yellowknife North, only five votes separate MLA-elect Rylund Johnson and Cory Vanthuyne.

N.W.T. communities elect 8 new MLAs to 19th Assembly

In the N.W.T. communities outside of the capital, only one incumbent fighting for their seat managed re-election in the 19th Legislative Assembly.

Here are the full N.W.T. election results

Revisit the final results of the 2019 N.W.T. election.

Here's how to watch the results of the N.W.T. election with CBC North

Voters in the Northwest Territories will head to the polls Tuesday, Oct. 1, and CBC North will bring you live results and analysis as the votes are counted. Here's how to follow along.
NWT Votes 2019

How to vote in today's N.W.T. election

Voters in 16 of the N.W.T.'s constituencies will head to the polls today to elect the territory's next government. Here's what you need to know to cast your ballot.
NWT Votes 2019

Land ownership dominates as main election issue in Enterprise, say residents

Residents of Enterprise, N.W.T., say the biggest election issue in the hamlet is land ownership. They say the territorial government is holding their community hostage as it hasn't turned over ownership of land despite a years-long battle. 
NWT Votes 2019

OPINION | I lived in Qatar and couldn't vote. Here's why you can't take yours for granted

The Northwest Territories, and especially the capital city of Yellowknife, have seen dismal voter turnout in past territorial elections. On the eve of voting day, Jessica Davey-Quantick explains why that needs to change.
NWT Votes 2019

See where the candidates running in your riding stand with our candidate tracker

CBC North provided a questionnaire to all candidates running in the 2019 election. Compare and contrast their platforms and answers before you vote Oct. 1.

Outgoing MLA Tom Beaulieu on the 18th Assembly and challenges of consensus

After three terms in government, Tom Beaulieu has seen it all. He passed on his reflections on his last term in office in a wide-ranging interview with CBC North radio host Loren McGinnis.

OPINION | Conversation on N.W.T. university should be about collaboration, not competition

Many candidates in the upcoming territorial election have been speaking about an upcoming polytechnic university in the N.W.T., and where it should be headquartered. Instead, Julian Morse argues, we should be talking about how to make the benefits work for everyone.
NWT Votes 2019

'A culture of lawlessness': Yellowknife candidates sound off about issues downtown

Public intoxication and violence downtown are key issues for voters in Yellowknife Centre, the riding that includes the city's sobering centre and day shelter.
NWT Votes 2019

Candidates vent frustration at N.W.T. government in Inuvik candidates forum

A housing shortage and the community’s relationship to Yellowknife dominated the conversation at the only all-candidates forum in Inuvik, N.W.T.

MLA attendance: Who gets the highest grade in the 18th Assembly?

The 18th Legislative Assembly held over 900 standing committee meetings in four years. David Wasylciw looks into which MLAs made it to the most, which made it to the least, and why.
NWT Votes 2019

Will the next government decide the Mackenzie Valley Highway is worth the bill?

For six decades, it’s been the biggest project on the territory’s to-do list. But advocates say it's been passed over for newer roads to resources.
NWT Votes 2019

In Nunakput, residents grapple with the N.W.T.'s most complex challenges

Whoever is elected in the N.W.T.'s Nunakput riding will be tasked with addressing high cost of living, inadequate housing, and distance from government services that are supposed to help people living in the riding.
NWT Votes 2019

In the Deh Cho riding, leaders want their MLA to speak louder

Across the region, community leaders are asking for their next MLA to raise the volume on their issues — from jobs to access to health care — and to communicate better with local people.
NWT Votes 2019

Yellowknife Centre candidate apologizes after complaint of sign tampering

Julie Green said a volunteer on her campaign was caught 'tampering with another candidate's information.'
NWT Votes 2019

Online voting fails to entice young voters in N.W.T.

Young voters didn't show up in droves to try out online voting, available for the first time in this fall's territorial election — but some ridings are taking to the idea in larger numbers.
NWT Votes 2019

Ad placed by union violated election rules, Elections NWT says

The Union of Northern Workers, the N.W.T.’s biggest labour union, ran an ad in two newspapers which violated new rules around election advertising, says chief electoral officer.

What can the 18th Assembly's votes on motions tell us about strategy?

David Wasylciw dives into the recorded votes on motions during the N.W.T.'s 18th Legislative Assembly, explaining what goes into a vote, and what the total number could tell us about how the assembly operated.
NWT Votes 2019

Yellowknife's election ridings, by the numbers

Census data collected by the N.W.T. Bureau of Statistics reveals interesting divergences between Yellowknife’s seven electoral districts.

Hay River/Deh Cho candidates discuss economy and land claims at forum

Diversifying the economy and settling land claims were big topics of discussion at the all-candidates forum in Hay River, N.W.T., which included a candidate from the Deh Cho riding for the first time.