Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2019


Crosbie breaks silence, backtracking from fiery speech on election night

The PC leader says his remarks failed to recognize his party's achievements and its commitment to making the government work.

Judicial recount requested for NDP's 5-vote victory in Lab West

A young NDP candidate is one step closer to unseating a Liberal cabinet minister in Labrador.

NDP clinging to 5-vote victory in Lab West after official addition of vote tally

Bruce Chaulk, the province's chief electoral officer, will order a judicial recount in the next 7 days.
Point of View

The election came and went, and we missed an opportunity to talk about climate change

Climate change may be a global crisis, but you wouldn't know it from the provincial election campaign, writes Perla Hernandez.

Ches Crosbie is not talking — neither is Dwight Ball. But this MHA is back to work

The day after a historic election, here's what some politicians are doing.

Here's how the NDP's 5-vote victory in Lab West can lead to a recount

The chief electoral officer must call a recount if the five-vote lead for Jordan Brown over Liberal Graham Letto stands after polling station totals are confirmed Sunday morning.

Here are 3 of the 14 first-timers headed to the House of Assembly

After a historic provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador Thursday, there will be plenty of new faces in the House of Assembly when the legislature resumes.

'Dwight Ball, you can dismiss me, but you can't defeat me': Eddie Joyce nabs seat once again

The former Liberal cabinet member, now an Independent, won over the vast majority of voters in the Humber-Bay of Islands district Thursday.

Judy Foote denies partisanship after Crosbie levels accusations on election night

A spokesperson for Judy Foote says she made a vow to shed any partisanship, but no vows to lose her friends.

Here's the list of the winning candidates in the 2019 N.L. election

Liberals will form minority government under Dwight Ball. Tory Leader Ches Crosbie and NDP Leader Alison Coffin won their districts.

Exuberant NDP celebrates 'new era' as it holds St. John's seats, and wins back Labrador West

Polls raised the possibility of the NDP being booted from the House of Assembly entirely. Instead, they gained a seat — and could hold the balance of power in a minority government.

Liberals to hold minority government in N.L., PCs not conceding defeat

Dwight Ball and his Liberal Party will form a minority government in Newfoundland and Labrador, but the Progressive Conservative leader is already mounting an attack against him.

Results: Get full details on all 40 districts with our interactive election page

Dive into our dashboard for up-to-the-second updates.

New Canadians excited to vote for first time in N.L. provincial election

A group of new Canadians will be exercising their right to vote for the first time Thursday, and are encouraging everyone who is able to vote to do the same.

Potholes? Market them as an N.L. version of the Grand Canyon

Birth rate dropping? Just hold on — it might go up once Muskrat Falls kicks in and folks can't afford to turn on their heat, says comedian Vicky Mullaley.

Facebook says it's tackling trolls and fake news in N.L. election, but steps back from censorship

The social media monolith says it has a whole team dedicated to battling misinformation in Canadian elections — but it's at loggerheads with the company's fear of censorship.

Big cuts or broken promises: No matter who wins the election, tough decisions are ahead

Despite a bleak financial picture, the main parties are promising tax cuts — a move that a political scientist describes as “disastrously irresponsible.”

Here's what happens when you spoil a ballot

Don't like who's running in your district? You could just stay home on election day. Or you could enter a spoiled ballot vote in protest.

Polls close in Newfoundland and Labrador

Polls are closed and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador are waiting to see their next provincial government.

Apathy or discontent? 24 hours before election wraps up, here's what people are hearing

"Maybe it's one part anger and one part resignation," says Luke Battcock.

Young children at home mean challenges on the campaign trail, candidates say

Candidates from several parties say that having kids makes it more difficult to get involved in politics, but also provides additional motivation to do the work.

Against all odds, NL Alliance hopes to bring change to provincial politics

The newest party on the provincial scene still has hope it can affect the outcome of the election — and the way politics works from now on.

High stakes and key political battlegrounds: These are the races to watch

The NDP hopes its leader can enter the legislature while incumbents prepare for stiff competition.

Why these teens are worried about the next 11 years in a warming world

Allison Jeon, Erin Lee and Chloe Puddister are some of the organizers of Fridays for Future in St. John's. They aren't all old enough to vote, but they know what they want out of this election.

Alison Coffin 'tingly' as NDP campaign enters home stretch, with everything on the line

The NDP leader attempted to put a positive spin on her party's campaign Wednesday, saying her party is a viable option for voters and that a wave of volunteers have rallied to the cause.

Miawpukek chief hopes to increase Indigenous vote in provincial election

Only about 85 of 600 eligible voters cast ballots in last election, says Mi'sel Joe.

People already struggling with power bills worry about looming spectre of Muskrat Falls

Landlords, tenants and homeowners share similar thoughts on power affordability in Newfoundland and Labrador, and they're not optimistic.

5 provinces have changed governments in past year, and N.L. could be next

A surge in support for underdog Tories has added a twist to Newfoundland and Labrador’s election campaign, writes John Gushue.