Federal election riding map FAQ

Having trouble using our interactive ridings map? Here are some tips on how to use our map and find the information you're seeking.

Tips on how to use our interactive map

Canada's electoral map has been redrawn to reflect population shifts and to include 30 new ridings. Find your riding and your local candidates in our interactive map. Having trouble finding what you're seeking? Here are some helpful tips on how to use the map.

Why are only some of the candidates included in the riding profiles?

Candidate nominations close as of Sept. 28, 2015. Elections Canada will make a complete list of candidates available on Sept. 30. Our map will be updated regularly. In the meantime, Elections Canada is updating their candidate lists daily.

Where can I find a more zoomed-in view of my riding?

For detailed maps of each riding, visit Elections Canada's map section.

I've zoomed in on your map, now how do I bring up more information about the candidates in my riding?

Click or tap on the flashing riding to bring up more information about the riding and the local candidates.

What is redistribution?

The redistribution process, which occurs every 10 years after a census, in some cases causes riding boundaries to shift and new ridings to be added to the electoral map. The process is intended to reflect changing population patterns across the country.

Will you be transposing the 2011 election results over the new 2015 ridings map?

Yes, we will. Very soon, we'll be adding another layer of the map that includes voting information at the poll level that includes not only the 2011 results but also the byelections that have been held since.