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Alberta election: Ric McIver looks to PC Party's future

“Clearly Albertans chose change,” PC MLA Ric McIver told CBC Radio on Wednesday morning. “I think people wanted something different than what was offered and they made their feelings known.”

'Clearly Albertans chose change,' PC MLA says morning after the election

Ric McIver was one of just 11 Progressive Conservative candidates who managed to win seats in Tuesday's election. (CBC )

Like most candidates in Tuesday night's election, Progressive Conservative Party MLA Ric McIver will spend the next three days picking up campaign signs and planning for the future.

However, for the PC Party in Alberta, that future is looking very different. McIver, who represents Calgary-Hays, was one of just 11 MLAs who secured seats — down from 70.

"Clearly Albertans chose change," McIver told CBC Radio on Wednesday morning.

"I think people wanted something different than what was offered and they made their feelings known."

McIver said he's not sure what his party did wrong exactly, but saw the signs of change as he knocked on doors during his campaign.

"What I heard was there is underlying anger with the party and the leader over general things," he said.
"They're unhappy, so apparently we need to listen. We need to listen better than some of the listening that's gone on in the past."

But rather than focus on his party's losses, McIver said he prefers to look to the future.

"I just accepted a job last night — a temp contract, if you will — for four years and I intend to put my mind and my back into that four-year contract to serve Alberta and be a servant to Albertans — and I have every intention of fulfilling the job," he said.

The former PC leadership candidate had little to say on Prentice's abrupt resignation from the party.

"I don't really have much of a reaction," he said.  "He did what he thought was best for him and his family and Alberta."

"It's a decision that Jim has made and we'll have to go on without him."

When asked if he would consider running for party leadership once more, McIver said he had some "pondering" to do.

As for the party's future, McIver says he's optimistic.

"It's a big change … (but) I think Alberta's a great place. Alberta's got a great future. I'm grateful to the people of Calgary-Hays for  giving the privilege to help guide that future as a member of the legislature assembly and I intend to work very hard to make the future bright."


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