Alberta Votes 2019


Judge oversees vote recount in tight provincial election race for Calgary seat

Ballots from a tight race in last month's Alberta election are being recounted by hand in a Calgary courtroom.

Former Pembina Institute head quits AER before Kenney could fire him, alleging 'smear campaign'

A former Pembina Institute executive whose appointment to the board of the Alberta Energy Regulator drew criticism from the United Conservative Party has resigned after what he calls a “smear campaign” orchestrated by members of the incoming government.

Economist expects Jason Kenney to be key player in upcoming federal election

Jason Kenney won the majority of Albertans’ votes with his campaign promises to build pipelines, create jobs and better the province’s economy. On the federal stage, he'll become the mouthpiece for Andrew Scheer and the federal Conservatives.

Seat counts unchanged after Elections Alberta releases unofficial results

Elections Alberta has counted the final poll, and released its unofficial election results Friday. 

Election outcome in critical Edmonton-South West riding still undecided

Edmonton-South West, still officially undecided, may be the only seat the new UCP majority government wins in the capital city.

It's now Jason Kenney's turn to deliver on jobs, pipelines and a better economy

For weeks, Jason Kenney framed Alberta's election around three key issues: jobs, pipelines and the economy. With his United Conservative Party soon to take charge, people are looking to him to fulfil his pledge and deliver on all three.

Notley is 7th female Canadian premier turfed from office in 6 years

The gradual disappearance of women from the ranks of Canada's premiers raises questions about society's willingness to embrace true equality, former female leaders and political pundits said Wednesday.

Nearly 70% of eligible Albertans voted in provincial election

The unofficial turnout shows nearly 70 per cent of Albertans voted in the provincial election — the highest in decades.

Doug Schweitzer: From Prentice campaign manager to MLA

Doug Schweitzer got his political baptism as Jim Prentice's campaign manager. Now, as the newly elected MLA for Calgary-Elbow, he reflects on the new governments' priorities a day after their election victory.

Here are (most of) Calgary's new MLAs

The United Conservative Party's commanding victory in the Alberta election on Tuesday came with a near sweep of the ridings in Calgary.

Judge bans media access to video of confrontation between MLA Jason Nixon and wildlife officer

A provincial judge has ruled that video evidence from an old trial, showing a confrontation between UCP MLA Jason Nixon and an Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer, cannot be released to the media.

No regrets: Joe Ceci proud of NDP campaign, ready to embrace opposition role

Joe Ceci has been re-elected, this time to represent Calgary-Buffalo, beating out UCP candidate Tom Olsen in a close race. Ceci was interviewed Wednesday on the Calgary Eyeopener.

Kenney's election win prompts reactions from B.C., Quebec, Ontario leaders

Although Jason Kenney appealed in French to Quebec in his victory speech to help Alberta get its oil to market, Quebec Premier François Legault isn't playing.

'Alberta will lose this case': Turn-off-the-taps law would be unconstitutional, says legal expert

Alberta premier-designate Jason Kenney is threatening to enact the NDP's turn-off-the-taps legislation, which was tabled by outgoing Premier Rachel Notley's government.

Oil industry eager to see how Kenney's plan to scrap $3.7B oil-by-rail deal will pan out

Alberta's oil industry will be watching to see how the incoming government's plan to scrap a deal that was expected to move an additional 120,000 barrels of crude per day will impact the market.

'The NDP is here to stay:' Outgoing Alberta government to serve as Opposition

Some of Alberta's NDP members say the party has changed the province for the better and believe it will be an effective Opposition.

Some races too close to call on election night

The dust has yet to settle on key battleground ridings in Alberta, after some races were too close to call on election night.

Opinion | How will Kenney unite Albertans after divisive campaign?

Notley spent four years planting trees of social justice legislation — and Alberta just elected a lumberjack.

Oilpatch hopes investment flows back to Alberta after big Kenney win

It's exactly what many oil and gas companies wanted to see, despite how much credit they give Rachel Notley for her performance during her single term in power.

Jason Kenney won big — and the Ottawa-Alberta relationship is about to get unruly

The New Democrats' defeat in last night's Alberta provincial election marked the end of a remarkable chapter in the province's politics — Alberta's first-ever NDP government. The arrival of a new provincial conservative government, meanwhile, could mark the start of a new chapter in federal politics.

Alberta Votes 2019: Election results

See how Albertans voted in Tuesday's provincial election.

UCP dominates in southern Alberta ridings — but 1 district remains close

Southern Albertans have voted in United Conservative candidates for much of the region, CBC News projects.

UCP's blue wave surges through Calgary

Jason Kenney and the UCP all but erased the gains made by the NDP in 2015, with all but three of Calgary's 26 ridings either projected for, or leaning toward, the conservative party.

Alberta Votes 2019: Watch CBC's live election coverage

Watch our live election night broadcast with hosts Rob Brown and Nancy Carlson starting at 7:30 p.m.

RCMP search warrant executed in connection with UCP voter fraud investigation, lawyer confirms

The lawyer for a UCP candidate whose business was the target of an RCMP search last week confirms the warrant was executed in connection with the investigation into allegations of voter fraud during the party's leadership campaign.

Polarized Alberta? Opinions vary widely and strongly, Vote Compass suggests

In Alberta politics there is no centre. New data analysis from online questionnaire Vote Compass found that the views of NDP supporters and those of United Conservative Party (UCP) supporters are not only far apart across the province, but they are even at opposite ends within each riding.

Jason Kenney rides UCP wave to majority government in Alberta

Jason Kenney has capped his three-year goal of uniting Alberta’s political right, leading his United Conservative Party to a majority win over the province’s first NDP government.

Battle for the 'burbs: Suburban Edmonton ridings are critical this election, experts say

Political scientists say tomorrow's election could be decided by whichever party wins over suburban voters.