Alberta election 2015: #MakeRobCare campaign looks to inspire non-voter

Rob Lewis used to care about exercising his democratic right but has become disengaged since moving to Alberta in 2007. We want your help getting Rob to care about this election.

Help inspire Rob Lewis on Twitter and Facebook to cast his ballot May 5

We have picked the star of our Make a Voter Care campaign.

Meet 34-year-old Rob Lewis. The junior high school teacher at the Calgary Arts Academy charter school has lived all over Canada but he became disengaged with politics and stopped voting when he moved to Alberta in 2007.

"I struggle to find a party that represents me," he said. 

Send us a written message or video on Twitter or on our CBC Calgary Facebook page using #MakeRobCare. Help Rob pick a candidate to support and then get back to the ballot box. (Judy Aldous/CBC)

Now Rob wants to re-engage and he needs your help. Send us a tweet or post a message on our Facebook page using #MakeRobCare. Tell us why should Rob vote? Who should he vote for?

Rob says he leans towards being a provincial Liberal but says he cannot vote for that party because they disapprove of charter schools.

"They don't want me to have a job," he said.

Rob was also disillusioned with the recent provincial budget.

"They should have raised corporate taxes. Most Albertans support that," he said.

Rob lives in the Beltline, which is part of the Calgary-Buffalo riding. Liberal Kent Hehr has represented the riding since 2008 but is stepping down to run in the federal election.

David Khan is running as a Liberal, Terry Rock for the Progressive Conservative Party, Kathleen Ganley under the NDP banner, Sabrina Levac for the Greens and Leah Wamboldt for the Wildrose Party.


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