Donna Carreiro

CBC Radio Current Affairs Producer

Donna Carreiro is an award winning producer and journalist, who has worked for more than 25 years with CBC Manitoba. Prior to that, she was a print journalist for a daily newspaper and local magazines. She is drawn to stories of social justice (or injustice), that give a voice to those who most need one. She can be reached at

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The fight for sobriety behind bars: 4 inmates share their story

They've spent close to a lifetime drugging up the demons that haunt them — and committing countless crimes to pay for those drugs. But four inmates at a provincial jail say a unique treatment program is helping them slay those demons and preventing more crimes.

'Why did you kill Jennifer?' Mother of murdered woman forgave killer, now helps others remember loved ones

Betty Rourke came face-to-face with the man who fatally strangled and dismembered her daughter to ask him why he did it -- and to convince him not to kill himself.

Filmmaker Lisa Meeches credits traditional healing and daughter's love for recovery after stroke

A prominent Ojibway filmmaker is speaking out about her dramatic recovery from a devastating stroke, and today credits the love of her daughter for keeping her alive.

'My life has changed forever': 39 students given gift of post-secondary education

A former refugee who could not afford to attend school as a child is one of 39 Winnipeggers starting their post-secondary education this year — all thanks to scholarships paid for by a single donor.

Cree grandmother recalls abuse described in shocking report on Manitoba Hydro workers

A Cree grandmother from Fox Lake Cree Nation says she will not be silent about the sexual assault she and a friend suffered at the hands of workers from a nearby Manitoba Hydro camp when she was just 14 years old.

Manitoba woman fights to live independently, says move to group home 'a basic human rights violation'

After more than a decade of living on her own, a Portage la Prairie, Man., woman who lives with cerebral palsy says she is being forced to move into a provincial group home.

Artists with Parkinson's disease paint a new picture of hope

A made-in-Manitoba, one-of-a-kind art class is changing the lives of those who thought they'd lost their lives -- after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Surrogate mom who has delivered 7 babies for others 'would do it all over again'

Kristy Cartwright has given birth to three sets of twins and a baby boy, for four different families — and if she could do it all again, she would in a heartbeat.

Dialysis machine that can be monitored remotely a 'life-saving friend' for Sagkeeng man

A visually impaired Manitoba man is one of the first in the country to perform lifesaving dialysis on himself, in the comfort of his own home -- yet under the watchful eye of his nursing team, more than one hundred kilometres away.

Survivor speaks up about stigma of stroke recovery

When Allison Staff suffered a stroke, it left her unable to see, walk or talk, but she could still hear — and what she heard around her was chilling.

Manitoba teachers training to help students recognize, speak up about mental health struggles

Manitoba educators are hitting the books to learn about mental health in teenagers — and how to share that knowledge in the classroom.

How a police force tackled the meth crisis by pairing addicts with 'angels'

A Winnipeg man struggling with meth addiction says some U.S. police departments have the solution to the meth crisis — they put addicts into treatment instead of jail.

Resident who set fire at Morberg House while suffering meth psychosis is welcome to return to shelter

A man who set fire to a room in a transitional housing shelter will be allowed to return to live there — once he completes an addiction recovery program.

Families of meth addicts start support group for each other

A Winnipeg artist is launching a support group for families affected by the "demon" of the drug world, she says -- methamphetamine.

Beyond 94: Where is Canada at with reconciliation?

A new national, interactive website will now monitor the progress of one of Canada's most important tools for change — the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action.