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Multi-award-winning journalist Diana Swain is the senior investigative correspondent for CBC News and host of The Investigators on CBC News Network.

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An economic reality check on SNC-Lavalin: Are 9,000 jobs really at stake?

As the political scandal around SNC-Lavalin's lobbying efforts to avoid criminal prosecution continues to grow, just how realistic is the claim that a conviction could cost Canada some 9,000 jobs?
CBC Investigates

What to do with suspected Canadian ISIS fighters and their families detained in Syria?

CBC News has determined that as many as 32 Canadians are being held by Kurdish-led forces fighting ISIS in Syria. Given the changing circumstances on the ground, there's pressure on the Canadian government to decide what do to with its suspected militants and their families in makeshift prisons.
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Harassment, sexual assault among alleged misconduct by border agents investigated by CBSA

The Canada Border Services Agency investigated 1,200 allegations against its own staff over a two and a half year period starting in January 2016, including accusations of criminal association, excessive force and sexual assault, documents obtained by CBC News through an access to information request show.

'Am I actually helping?' founder of satirical website on Indigenous topics wonders

Former journalist Tim Fontaine started the satirical website Walking Eagle News to take a humorous look at the complicated relationship between Canada and Indigenous people. But is everyone in on the joke?

Why Robert Mueller may finally be ready to reveal what he's learned in Russia probe

Journalist Garrett Graff is one of a growing number of people who's been closely following the Russia investigation and believes special counsel Robert Mueller is nearly ready to reveal what he's learned.

Fighting fake news from within: The Houston Chronicle investigates one of its own former reporters

When a veteran reporter was accused of making up dozens of sources used in his articles, the Houston Chronicle set about investigating itself.

Searching for the political middle in a divided U.S.

Author Ken Stern argues that most U.S. citizens are political independents but polarization means both major parties have moved further from the centre, while Stephen Marche says the U.S. political divide could actually spill into civil conflict.

Why Jamal Khashoggi's death is as much about the message as the man

The former Saudi journalist, who was living in self-imposed exile in the United States, has become a household name — less for his work than for the gruesome way he is believed to have died at the hands of Saudi operatives.

Controversial YouTube host Shane Dawson investigates the life of social media star Jake Paul

The online series described as an ‘investigation’ and ‘documentary’ already has over 80 million views, but does its young audience believe it’s journalism?

Trump committed 'outright fraud': Why a blockbuster headline goes so far

Donald Trump says he built his fortune on his own. But investigative journalists from The New York Times say he got hundreds of millions of dollars from his father through tax avoidance schemes.

How BBC journalists harnessed open source data to hunt down the truth behind terrifying video

Journalists were able to confirm the location of a social media video showing a gruesome execution with the help of average people using Google Earth and social media tools.

Journalism's budding new beat: Cannabis reporter

With recreational cannabis about to become legal on Oct. 17, we take a look at what kind of media coverage of this new beat Canadians should expect.

'He's not forgotten': How a fatal shooting changed the way Montreal police deal with the homeless

"Enough is enough." That was the reaction of the CEO of a Montreal homeless shelter after Jimmy Cloutier, a longtime client who suffered from schizophrenia, was fatally shot by police on Jan. 6, 2017. Cloutier's death has led to big changes in the relationship between police and the homeless.

When celebrities die by suicide, how much detail should be reported?

The deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week were jarring to many people and resulted in heavy media coverage. But the way the media report on celebrity suicides can have a big effect, one expert says.

Did former Canadian ISIS member lie to the New York Times or to CBC News?

Contradictory stories from a Canadian man about his time with ISIS in Syria raise questions about whether what he’s told two major media organizations about his role in killings overseas is true, and what should be done about it?