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Nursing home told families hospital wouldn't accept sick residents during pandemic. That wasn't true

The long-term care home where more people have died during the coronavirus pandemic than anywhere else in Ontario is facing new scrutiny.
CBC Investigates

Infection control oversight lacking at Ontario seniors' homes as inspections dwindled

Oversight of infection control measures — key to keeping long-term care homes free of illness — plummeted when Ontario scaled back comprehensive annual inspections last year, a CBC News investigation has found.
CBC Investigates

Ontario scaled back comprehensive, annual inspections of nursing homes to only a handful last year

CBC News has learned that while Ontario conducted 2,800 inspections of long-term care homes last year, only nine were the detailed resident quality inspections that such facilities are supposed to receive annually.

Hidden camera investigation finds misleading information, questionable treatment plans from SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub advertises a popular, online teeth-straightening service, but a Marketplace hidden camera investigation found that some of its customers could be receiving misleading and potentially harmful information from employees.

He jumped off a nine-storey bridge and lived, now he's working to end 'man up' mentality

Men take their own lives three times more than women and they're much less likely to talk about their mental health struggles, so the Heads Up Guys website is trying to reduce the stigma around reaching out to others.

Inside a sanctuary struggling to save koalas from Australia's wildfires

It may be hard to fathom an Australia without a wild animal as nationally symbolic as the koala, but this season’s fires have left the species in deep trouble, even as it already faced multiple threats.

Canadian fire crews cheered in Australia as front-line teams prepare for the worst

Exhausted after a nearly 16-hour flight from the opposite side of the world, Canadian wildfire specialists were cheered by Australians on arrival this week at Sydney’s airport.

How we got inside an overseas tech support scam targeting Canadians

It's called the tech support scam, a scheme in which fraudsters want you to pay them to fix a non-existent computer or smartphone issue. Marketplace's efforts to locate those behind it spanned months, ending in a late-night dash up three flights of stairs into a call centre in Mumbai.

RCMP probe of international CRA phone scam IDs Canadian suspects

You've probably got the call: An automated message threatens you with arrest over unpaid taxes owed to Canada Revenue Agency. Now the RCMP says it is tracking suspects in Canada and India as part of a 'national priority investigation' into the scam.

'We are going to send this back': Malaysia returning unwanted Canadian plastic

Malaysia is denouncing Canada's "irresponsible" export of plastic waste, becoming the second Asian nation to make plans to ship Canadian trash back across the ocean.

'Passengers are afraid of this airplane': How Boeing is handling its 737 Max problem

Boeing has technical fixes for the 737 Max airliner and new training for pilots in the wake of two disastrous crashes. Now comes the hard part: getting passengers and airlines back on board.

Why millions of dollars in federal grocery subsidies haven't lessened food insecurity in the North

Some Iqaluit residents go to creative lengths to avoid buying food at the grocery store — where a 24-pack of bottled water can cost $29.99. Marketplace explores why people in the North still pay so much more despite the fact the grocery industry there receives millions in federal subsidies.

Trudeau to apologize for mistreatment of Inuit with tuberculosis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will today visit Iqaluit to deliver a long-awaited apology on behalf of the federal government for the widespread mistreatment of Inuit during the tuberculosis epidemics of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Electric vehicles are approaching a tipping point — here's why

Advances by manufacturers are bringing the latest crop of electric-powered vehicles to the point where they're starting to overcome the four main reasons Canadians say they're wary of going electric.

Canada's major grocery chains slow to tackle the mounting problem of plastic waste

If single-use plastic packaging is increasingly frowned upon, why are Canada's biggest grocery chains filled with so much of it? Marketplace visits a supermarket in the U.K. that recently eliminated plastic packaging from 2,000 of the products it sells to see what it will take to go plastic-free.