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David Common is a host & senior correspondent with CBC News.

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How we got inside an overseas tech support scam targeting Canadians

It's called the tech support scam, a scheme in which fraudsters want you to pay them to fix a non-existent computer or smartphone issue. Marketplace's efforts to locate those behind it spanned months, ending in a late-night dash up three flights of stairs into a call centre in Mumbai.

RCMP probe of international CRA phone scam IDs Canadian suspects

You've probably got the call: An automated message threatens you with arrest over unpaid taxes owed to Canada Revenue Agency. Now the RCMP says it is tracking suspects in Canada and India as part of a 'national priority investigation' into the scam.

'We are going to send this back': Malaysia returning unwanted Canadian plastic

Malaysia is denouncing Canada's "irresponsible" export of plastic waste, becoming the second Asian nation to make plans to ship Canadian trash back across the ocean.

'Passengers are afraid of this airplane': How Boeing is handling its 737 Max problem

Boeing has technical fixes for the 737 Max airliner and new training for pilots in the wake of two disastrous crashes. Now comes the hard part: getting passengers and airlines back on board.

Why millions of dollars in federal grocery subsidies haven't lessened food insecurity in the North

Some Iqaluit residents go to creative lengths to avoid buying food at the grocery store — where a 24-pack of bottled water can cost $29.99. Marketplace explores why people in the North still pay so much more despite the fact the grocery industry there receives millions in federal subsidies.

Trudeau to apologize for mistreatment of Inuit with tuberculosis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will today visit Iqaluit to deliver a long-awaited apology on behalf of the federal government for the widespread mistreatment of Inuit during the tuberculosis epidemics of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Electric vehicles are approaching a tipping point — here's why

Advances by manufacturers are bringing the latest crop of electric-powered vehicles to the point where they're starting to overcome the four main reasons Canadians say they're wary of going electric.

Canada's major grocery chains slow to tackle the mounting problem of plastic waste

If single-use plastic packaging is increasingly frowned upon, why are Canada's biggest grocery chains filled with so much of it? Marketplace visits a supermarket in the U.K. that recently eliminated plastic packaging from 2,000 of the products it sells to see what it will take to go plastic-free.

'They should know better': Funeral home chain skirting new rule with misleading sales tactics

Nearly two years after Marketplace exposed the common practice of aggressive sales tactics at the largest Canadian-owned funeral home chain, another hidden camera investigation has revealed new examples of upselling and rule-breaking by some staff.

How a blast on a battlefield in France destroyed a Newfoundland town

The town of Three Arms in Newfoundland illustrates how the loss of one individual can drastically affect the landscape and the lives of others far away, continuing to make itself felt a century later.

As RCMP raids target India over CRA phone scam, possible Canadian collaborators have reason to be nervous

Recent raids in India to scoop up those involved in a phone scam targeting Canadian taxpayers netted dozens of arrests, but the RCMP said Wednesday that there could be Canadians involved in the fraud, which aims to dupe people into thinking they owe money to the CRA.

Hidden camera reveals how bank employees mislead and upsell on pricey credit card insurance

A Marketplace hidden camera investigation is raising questions about how bank employees are selling a pricey and controversial product marketed to help with credit card payments if you lose your job or get sick.

Police raid Indian call centres linked to 'CRA phone scam' that have victimized Canadians

Raids in India, in co-operation with RCMP, follow CBC Marketplace story on Indian call centres contacting Canadians, claiming to be from CRA and demanding tax payments.

U.S. on guard against rise in illegal border crossings as Canada rejects asylum claims

American border agents are increasingly concerned about the northern boundary with Canada, saying the number of people entering the U.S. through back roads, forests and even across rivers, while still relatively small, is rising.

'Lives are hanging in the balance': Why some newly licensed truckers aren't ready for the road

A hidden-camera investigation by CBC's Marketplace reveals how Canada's patchwork training and testing system leaves some new truckers ill-prepared to operate tractor-trailers — the giants of the road that are involved in about 20 per cent of deadly crashes in this country.