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Ontario Power Generation pulls plug on plan to bury nuclear waste near Lake Huron

A politically fraught plan to store hazardous nuclear waste deep underground near the Lake Huron shoreline has been formally put to rest more than 15 years after it was first proposed.

Majority of Canada's $13M in pandemic fines were issued in Quebec, report finds

Authorities ramped up often arbitrary law enforcement to help curtail the COVID-19 pandemic, rather than rely on a purely public health approach, according to a report from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

COVID-19 pandemic prompts initiative to offer free legal aid to anyone in Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a group of young lawyers to launch a project to offer free legal advice remotely to anyone in the country.

Crown wants to fight controversial 'extreme intoxication' defence ruling

Canada's highest court will be asked to weigh in on a ruling that reopened the door for people accused of violent crimes to argue they were so intoxicated they had lost control of what they were doing.

Canada's COVID-19 death toll passes 4,000 as provinces ease restrictions

The number of people in Canada killed by COVID-19 passed the 4,000 mark on Tuesday, as provinces eased anti-pandemic restrictions and the government announced new aid for farmers. 

Ottawa gives up fight against 15-day hard cap on solitary confinement

The federal government has given up its fight against court rulings that effectively outlawed placements in solitary confinement lasting longer than 15 days.

Joyce Milgaard, tireless activist mother of wrongfully convicted son, dies

Joyce Milgaard became a relentless advocate after her 16-year-old son was charged with the rape and first-degree murder of nursing aide Gail Miller, 20, in Saskatoon in 1969. Despite his protestations of innocence, he would spend 23 years in prison before being released in 1992.

Prosecutor gets 3-month sentence over ticket-fixing scandal

A regional prosecutor who illegally fixed traffic tickets to please her police officer boyfriend has been given a three-month conditional sentence for breach of trust and attempted obstruction of justice.

Appeal Court upholds class action rulings against isolation in prisons

Even without a full-blown trial, a judge was right to decide that placing inmates in solitary confinement amounts to cruel and unusual punishment in violation of their rights, Ontario's top court ruled on Monday.

Clean needles in prisons called 'essential health care' in court challenge

Denying drug-addicted prisoners access to clean syringes deprives them of essential health care, which is a violation of their constitutional rights, an Ontario court heard on Friday.

Creation of wrongful conviction review board edging closer to reality

A new independent panel that would review claims of wrongful convictions is edging toward reality, as the Liberal government moves forward on one of its campaign promises.

Once convicted of manslaughter, ex-gang member now licensed as lawyer

It sometimes seems like the trajectory of a life that has taken him from one side of the law to the other since his arrival in Canada as an infant three decades ago belongs to someone else.

Crown wants 12 years for 2 men found guilty of violent Toronto bar sex assault

A bar owner and his manager convicted of a violent, videotaped gang sex assault of a barely conscious woman each deserve 12 years in prison, a prosecutor said on Wednesday.

Incompetent doctor who sent a dying infant home twice loses licence

A family doctor who sent a dying infant home with instructions to give him water and juice with vitamin C and who failed to report criminal driving convictions has been stripped of his medical licence.

Judge permanently retires one-time lawyer Harry Kopyto 31 years after disbarment

A one-time Toronto lawyer known for championing underdog causes and whose high profile battles with the profession's regulator spanned decades has been forced into legal retirement.