Chris Hall

National Affairs Editor

Chris Hall is the CBC's National Affairs Editor and host of The House on CBC Radio, based in the Parliamentary Bureau in Ottawa. He began his reporting career with the Ottawa Citizen, before moving to CBC Radio in 1992, where he worked as a national radio reporter in Toronto, Halifax and St. John's. He returned to Ottawa and the Hill in 1998.

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Emergence of new strain could cause Ontario's COVID caseload to explode, doctor warns

A top doctor on Ontario's COVID-19 scientific advisory committee says the province could easily face up to 40,000 new cases each day by the end of February if a new virus variant that originated in the U.K. takes hold.

When 'hell broke loose': congresswoman describes moments of terror during Capitol riot

Susan Wild doesn't remember how she wound up on the floor in the gallery of the House of Representatives, or what was going through her mind as she heard the sounds of rioters trying to break through the barricaded doors.

Checkpoints, Zoom calls and parental guilt made 2020 a year like no other for MPs

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on so many Canadians this year through job losses, business closures and forced separations from family and friends. Those challenges were felt also by the federal politicians who tried to serve their constituents remotely, and who had to self-isolate each and every time they returned home from Ottawa.

Vaccines alone won't be enough to lift pandemic measures quickly, doctor warns

The co-chair of the task force studying COVID-19 immunity is warning that the arrival of vaccines in Canada doesn't guarantee protection against the virus, or signal that peoples' lives will soon return to normal.

A tourism industry in 'survival mode' looks ahead to an uncertain recovery

Businesspeople in Canada's tourism sector warn that a post-pandemic recovery in their industry is some distance off — and federal programs designed to tide them over may not be enough.

The fight by First Nations to save an Arctic refuge from drilling is running out of time

The Gwich'in are once again facing down a threat to their way of life, as outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump makes a last-ditch effort to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration before he leaves office.

What to expect from the federal government's long-awaited fiscal update

The federal government's prescription for the COVID-19 pandemic — spending is the best medicine — hasn't varied much since the spring. The finance minister is signalling that approach will continue (if in much smaller doses) in next week's economic statement.

'We're not even at the peak yet': Doctor warns of pandemic burnout as 2nd wave grows

Edmonton's Dr. Neeja Bakshi has a warning from the pandemic's front lines: Things are getting worse and the health-care system is being pushed to its absolute limits.

Trudeau government close to unveiling plan to hit net-zero emissions by 2050

The federal government is set to introduce climate accountability legislation as early as next week to formally commit Canada to its target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

As the pandemic's second wave digs in, Winnipeg's homeless shelters brace for a bleak winter

As Manitoba struggles to contain a renewed surge of the COVID-19 pandemic by reimposing restrictions on businesses and public gatherings, those who work with the homeless warn that self-isolation simply isn't an option for everyone.

Florida takes centre stage in a presidential election like no other

The state of Florida has played an outsized role in U.S. presidential elections for decades. This year, the race in the Sunshine State could be more of a nail-biter than usual.

Canada quietly prepares for the possible challenges of a Biden presidency

While Joe Biden's ties to Canada are deep and wide, his campaign platform has more than a touch of protectionism to it. The Trump presidency put new strains on the Canada-U.S. relationship. Would a Biden presidency be better for it?

Party strategists brace for a long winter of cliffhangers in the Commons

Federal politicians pulled back from the brink of an election this week — but three political strategists say they believe the brinkmanship in the Commons is likely to continue as the Liberals and opposition parties grapple over the government's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As U.S. presidential election enters final days, Canada braces for the fallout

The federal government is preparing for the weeks of uncertainty that might follow a U.S. presidential election day with no clear winner — by drawing up contingency plans for the border and other issues that might erupt between the Nov. 3 vote and inauguration day in January.

House of Commons close to testing new remote voting app

MPs will soon be asked to test a new voting app — part of the House of Commons' efforts to make the current hybrid sitting less cumbersome for the politicians who are not attending in person.