Carolyn Thompson

Carolyn Thompson is a journalist and media trainer based in Juba, South Sudan. She previously worked for several Canadian newspapers.

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'We just hope it will be peaceful': Kenyans brace themselves for general election

Kenyans are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best as they prepare for the country’s general election on Aug. 8.

New York judge to dismiss charges against Sabres' Kane

A judge will dismiss the charges against Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane stemming from scuffles with women in a bar if he stays out of future trouble.

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda struggle to shake off ethnic tensions

South Sudanese refugees in Ugandan camps fear that tribal divisions stirred up by fighting in their homeland may have followed them across the border.

'I keep hoping to see them': Tamma Joyce, 19, separated from family fleeing South Sudan bloodshed

Tamma Joyce, 19, lost contact with her parents when she escaped South Sudan. Thousands continue to flee the troubled country as conflict rages on despite a ceasefire declared in July.

In Ugandan refugee camps, hungry South Sudanese sell clothes off their back for food

More than 100,000 South Sudanese have poured into Uganda since fighting resumed in their homeland in July, straining resources of the World Food Program and leaving refugees hungry and desperate.

Lucille Ball's hometown unveiling new statue to replace 'Scary Lucy'

What could be scarier than a statue of Lucille Ball that was so hated it was dubbed 'Scary Lucy?' Being the sculptor hired to replace it.

Fleeing a war zone: Media trainer Carolyn Thompson's account of South Sudan evacuation

Journalists for Human Rights were among many groups on the move in South Sudan this week during evacuations in the wake of heavy fighting between warring factions. Media trainer Carolyn Thompson recounts the hours after the organization ordered an evacuation.
CBC in South Sudan

'A tent cannot stop a bullet': 8 killed and dozens injured at UN camp in South Sudan

When the bullets started flying, people had nowhere to run. "People were running into the tents. You know a tent cannot stop a bullet," said Boum Kaboung, a South Sudanese man living on Juba's west side in a United Nations camp for displaced people where gunfire killed eight and injured 59 others Monday.