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Carolyn Dunn is a longtime national reporter for CBC News. Her Canadian postings and assignments have taken her from St. John's to Calgary. She has reported extensively abroad including East, West and North Africa and has done several tours in Afghanistan. Have a story tip? Email

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Loss of rural doctors in Alberta leaves patients uncertain as contract dispute with province drags on

The Moose and Squirrel Medical Clinic in Sundre, Alta, is losing five of its eight doctors as the contract dispute between the province and its physicians drags on, leaving some patients worried about their future care.

WestJet to remove unmasked passengers from flights and ban them for a year

WestJet says it's prepared to remove passengers who refuse to wear a mask on flights. In addition, the airline will put those passengers on a year long no-fly list. They're two of the tougher COVID-19 measures the airline will take beginning in Sept. 1.

Alberta RCMP deputy commissioner denies systemic racism in policing in Canada

The RCMP's commanding officer in Alberta denies there is systemic racism in policing in Canada, amid allegations his members used excessive force against an Indigenous chief during an arrest. 

Anger, grief and exhaustion: A city is left raw after George Floyd's death

More than a week after the death of George Floyd in police custody, Minneapolis is a city raw with anger, grief and exhaustion, the CBC’s Carolyn Dunn writes.

'There's the bush': Truckers face challenges finding bathrooms, meals

Long-haul truckers are delivering essentials to keep Canadians in food and supplies during the COVID-19 crisis, but many have found it hard to get a meal or a bathroom themselves along their route. As news of their plight spreads, however, Canadians are stepping up.

Some London visitors unimpressed with 'sparse' Christmas tree gift from Norway

The Norway spruce tree in London's Trafalgar Square is getting serious side-eye from some of the thousands of visitors each day who come to see the tree that has been installed every Christmas for more than 70 years. 

Alberta farmers, workers weigh in as safety laws are rewritten

Alberta's agriculture minister is touring the province to consult farmers and workers ahead of new fall legislation. The previous NDP government brought in the first farm safety bill, but it was unpopular with many farmers.

'It gives people a direction, a purpose': Veteran survivors of sexual assault to compete at Invictus Games

MJ Batek and Donna Riguidel both suffer from PTSD after sexual assaults during military service. Now they're joining other injured service members competing at the Invictus Games in Sydney from Oct. 20 to 27.

Archeologists find treasure in aftermath of giant forest fire

A fire damaged Alberta's iconic Waterton National Park in 2017, but also cleared so much vegetation that archeologists have been able learn more about what life was like for the area's Blackfoot people there some 300 years ago and longer.

Drones allow farmers to limit pesticide use, spot problems with crops

The time-honoured tradition of farmers walking the fence line and strolling through their fields to check on crop and livestock health might soon be a thing of the past. More and more farmers are using drones to get a bigger, more accurate picture of what is really happening on their farms.

Civil court proceedings backlogged after 2016 Jordan decision

When the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favour of hard deadlines to bring criminal cases to trial, courts struggled to keep up. To avoid criminal court delays, many jurisdictions funnelled resources from civil courts — but now civil courts are feeling the pinch as people wait for resolution.

'We have to try something': Drug inhalation site aims to give users a safer space

The southern Alberta city of Lethbridge is home to the first government-approved safe drug inhalation site in Canada. The specialized rooms have exhaust systems that can completely recirculate air in 10 seconds so staff can safely intervene in case of a medical emergency.

Whither the 2026 Olympic bid? Calgary mulls its options to host another Games

It's become a host city market for cities considering an Olympic bid. The prestige of being a host city is waning in the face of Olympic corruption scandals, doping and ballooning costs. These days, cities dealing with the International Olympic Committee have the upper hand.

Bear warning: How to stop trains from killing Canada's grizzly bears

With grizzly bears dying from train strikes at an alarming rate in the rail corridor between Banff and Yoho national parks since 2000, researchers have been studying why. Now there are signs that measures being taken by researchers, Parks Canada and the railway may be starting to stem the losses.

'Disgusting behaviour' caught on video at fast food restaurant in Red Deer, Alta.

A Carl's Jr. franchisee has been caught on video violating at least 10 food safety regulations. Jack Webb co-owns the fast food restaurant in Red Deer, Alta. CBC News has exclusively obtained the video that got him temporarily tossed from his own kitchen.