Cara Cruz

Cara Cruz is a former CBC producer now living in Pittsburgh.

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In struggling Pittsburgh suburb where Antwon Rose Jr. was killed, there is only resignation

The Pittsburgh suburb where Antwon Rose Jr. was killed looks more like an abandoned subdivision or a down-on-its-luck small town than an actual city suburb: a smattering of ramshackle houses, a couple of churches and little else.

Why laneway homes are a tough sell in some cities

Laneway houses could put a traditional roof over the heads of millennials in Canada’s pricey housing markets. They could also shelter aging parents or provide rental income. But some cities are more open to the idea than others.

MH370 wreckage may not provide the closure grieving families seek

Canadian families who have suddenly and mysteriously lost loved ones understand the emotional roller coaster MH370 relatives are going through now that a piece of wreckage from the doomed flight appears to have been found.

Olympic bids are about more than just money

Toronto is rumoured to be one of the cities mulling a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, but it may be having second thoughts after Boston's decision to pull out.

Pan Am comedown: Why some athletes have trouble leaving the sports world

The 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto are over. For some athletes, the transition to a life without strict schedules and regular accolades can be a rough ride.

The bad news for Western drought: 'monster' hot El Nino on the way

A scorching hot summer across Western Canada is taking a toll on farms and forests. But the bad news is that even warmer and drier El Nino conditions are still on the way, so next year may be even worse.

Confederate flag under siege, but U.S. hate groups alive and well

Organized hate groups in the U.S. have declined in numbers in recent years, but they haven't gone away. In fact, they've moved online and underground, where their numbers are growing, says a civil rights group that tracks their movement.

Greek crisis no windfall for thrifty travellers - yet

Canadians hoping to see Greece for a song aren't likely to find cheap flights to the cash-strapped country just yet. Agents say there's little room to bargain during peak season. But that could change, quickly.