Yes, we have bananas, in pounds

A fruit and vegetable seller in Britain is battling to have his bananas weighed in pounds not kilograms.

Steven Thoburn has been dubbed the "Metric Martyr". He's a grocer from Sunderland in Northern England who has been selling his produce in pounds not kilograms.

And undercover squad caught him and charged him with breaking European Union rules. Thoburn is pleading innocent.

"In 1985, there was a law passed (that said) you can work in metric or imperial... my customers want to be served in pounds and ounces, I'm just serving my customers," says Thoburn.

On Monday, Thoburn marched into court to test the law.

His lawyers say it could set a precedent whether EU directives have the upper hand in Britain.

Meanwhile, Thoburn's cause has become a national crusade for those advocating an EU-free Britian.

"Somebody has to make a stand," proclaims Jeffrey Titford of the British Independence Party. "We want Westminister to govern us, not the European Union."

Thoburn is now weighing his fruits and vegetables with a metric-pound scale.

The case is expected to take three days. If he loses, Thoburn faces an an $11,000 fine.