Women march for strength

Montreal representatives of womens' groups around the world launched the first women's march.

A global coalition has been formed to fight a global struggle.

"We want to create a new network in solidarity a network in action," says Franoise David, the president of the Quebec Federation of Women.

The women's march is inspired by the Bread and Roses march women organized in Quebec in 1995, which was designed to draw attention to poverty and violence against women.

The women's march will take that fight around the world and will highlight Canada's need to keep up.

"We still have over three million women living in poverty we still have 100,000 women using shelters per year to escape male violence against women, so clearly there has to be more work done," says Joan Grant-Cummings.

The march itself will be held in on October 17 in about 150 countries.

Meantime, women are asked to sign cards of support. Organizers of the march will present them at a rally in New York this October.

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