Wolseley wooing Wilkie pelleting company

The town of Wolseley, east of Regina, is trying to join forces with the west-central town of Wilkie in hopes of strengthening its economy.

Two of the Wolseley's grain elevators have already shut down. Now, Wolseley wants to invest in Wilkie's West Central Pelleting.

When grain is cleaned, chaff is left behind. West Central turns that chaff into valuable pellets for livestock feed.

Margaret Skinner, the president of the company, says the plant helped save the town of Wilkie. "In four years, we went from having that depression and sadness to really having a very buoyant and very proud community."

Wolseley wants a West Central feed plant, and it's willing to pay the cost of building it. The plant could provide 10 jobs, and create numerous spin-off opportunities.

West Central will consider the offer at a shareholder's meeting in the fall.