Young PCs confident 'charismatic' Doug Ford will be a premier for 'all people'

The University of Windsor’s Conservative Association is fully supporting Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative leadership win. Students say he has what it takes to become the next premier.

Conservative students met with PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff Monday

Anwar Abdi is a member of the University of Windsor's Conservative Association. The club met on campus Monday evening. (Meg Roberts/ CBC News )

The University of Windsor's Conservative Association is fully supporting Doug Ford as the new leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party and say he has what it takes to become the next premier.

Members of the student association met with Sam Oosterhoff, the PC MPP for Niagara West-Glanbrook, Monday night to discuss where the party is headed next.

Members say Ford is the change that Ontario needs.

"I think Doug Ford is going to resonate with young voters when it comes to authenticity, when it comes to speaking his mind and making sure people understand," explained Oosterhoff, who at 20 years old is the youngest Ontario MPP to ever be elected.

Oosterhoff spoke to about a dozen men at the University of Windsor campus.

Niagara West—Glanbrook PC MPP, Sam Oosterhoff met with the Conservative Association at the University of Windsor to talk about change students want to see. (Meg Roberts/CBC News )

"I think [Ford] is so energetic, he is charismatic, he is caring, he just has this energy about him that attracts different walks of life to him," said Sam Galea, a member of the student-run group. "No matter what you think about him he is going to draw some form of reaction and I think that is important with a young demographic like us."

Galea added if Ford becomes premier, he wants to see more done with the Paul Martin Building downtown.

Putting their faith in Ford

Anwar Abdi is a fourth-year communication student at the university, he believes Ford will be a premier for all people.

"When I was watching the results on CBC a lot of different minorities were hugging him and talking to him," he explained. "He is able to resonate with the people and talk to people."

Abdi said he wants to see the carbon tax eliminated and more jobs come to the region, two issues he believes Ford would deliver on if he became the next premier.

"I am graduating in May and I don't know what to do yet because I don't see a lot of job opportunities … I think [Ford] is going to deliver on his promises" Abdi said.