Expect hydro savings, say Liberals after Amherstburg, Ont. horse trainer meets with Wynne

After her open letter to Kathleen Wynne went viral, Libby Keenan got her in-person meeting with Premier Kathleen Wynne at Queen's Park on Wednesday.

Libby Keenan's open letter to the Premier about hydro prices went viral

Libby Keenan speaks with reporters after meeting Kathleen Wynne

6 years ago
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Libby Keenan speaks with reporters after meeting Kathleen Wynne

Liberal sources say measures to reduce the cost of electricity will be the centrepiece of the next provincial budget, after the Premier met with an Amherstburg, Ont. horse trainer.

Less than two weeks after her open letter to the Kathleen Wynne on Facebook went viral, Libby Keenan got to tell Kathleen Wynne about her concerns in person.

Premier Kathleen Wynne meets with Libby Keenan on Wednesday, January 18 (CBC)

The horse trainer met with the Premier and other government officials Wednesday afternoon at Queen's Park in Toronto.

After thousands of people shared her Facebook post, Keenan got a phone call from the Premier with an invitation to meet in person. Keenan used the opportunity to tell the Premier about the issues she is facing, particularly hydro prices.

"I'm very optimistic, it was not 'have a tea biscuit and nice to see you and goodbye'," said Keenan who added the Premier promised action on hydro rates.

In an open letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, which was posted on Facebook, Keenan candidly shared her thoughts on taxes, tolls, government fees and hydro. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

"They are going to produce an answer on what can be done on the rates we're paying for hydro, we're specifically aiming at the delivery charges that rural customers are paying," Keenan told reporters after Wednesday's meeting.

Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault was positive about Keenan's meeting with Premier Wynne, saying "I think it's great that people continue to engage with our government."

Libby Keenan intends to continue that engagement.

"We've started a discussion here that is going to continue... was it worth the drive? Absolutely."

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