WUFA announces 1-day strike at University of Windsor

The Windsor University Faculty Association will strike for one day on Sept. 15 in hope of pushing administration back to the bargaining table.

The Windsor University Faculty Association will strike Sept. 15 for 1 day and fully strike Oct. 1

The Windsor University Faculty Association will strike for one day on Sept. 15 in hope of pushing administration back to the bargaining table.

“We are very close to a deal and we are confident that, if the University administration returns to the table in a spirit of compromise, we could have this issue resolved without impacting classes,” says Anne Forrest, president of WUFA. “I personally invite [school] president [Alan]  Wildeman to send his bargaining team back to the table to work things out and get this deal done.”

WUFA voted in favour of strike action last month after administration rejecting the school's "final offer." 

The vote came after administration implemented the terms and conditions of that offer, even though WUFA did not agree with the terms.

Wildeman told CBC News Thursday that WUFA is being unrealistic about the schools financial situation.

Wildeman said the terms of the imposed offer included an 8.5-per-cent wage increase over three years along with Windsor salary adjustment to keep all faculty and staff at the median in the province.

“The substantive monetary differences between WUFA and the administration are relatively small," said Forrest. "If this administration has decided to return to collective bargaining, we could settle all this very quickly and avoid a lot of pain for students, faculty and the whole university community."

Forrest said over the past three weeks the WUFA negotiating team has been working closely with the mediators in an effort to restart negotiations.

She said the university administration has refused to participate in the collective bargaining process.

Wildeman, however, said administration wants to go back to negotiations.

The one-day strike will be followed by rotating half-day strikes that will be announced two hours before.

If no settlement is reached by Oct. 1, WUFA said the union will implement a full work stoppage.


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