Windsor's unemployment rate is increasing, but businesses say there are plenty of jobs

TopLine Farms in Leamington was one of the employers at the job fair. The company said finding workers is "extremely difficult."

More than 60 exhibitors were at a job fair at the WFCU Centre Friday

Over 60 booths were at the WFCU Centre for Job Day. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

With a warm smile, Tatjana Lea, a human resources representative from TopLine Farms, greeted every person who walked past her booth at the 8th annual Job Day.

"Finding the right workers is extremely difficulty right now," said Lea, speaking on behalf of the Leamington-based packaging company.

The company is hiring packers, forklift operators, quality control inspectors and IT positions. The positions range from minimum wage to a more competitive salary.

Lea said finding employees in an industry that is desperate for workers is getting even harder with the advent of recreational cannabis.

"We are finding it's even more difficult. With new marijuana [companies] it is definitely a struggle for us," she said.

Tatjana Lea, a human resources representative from TopLine Farms. She said in Leamington it's hard to find workers because of the demand for similar jobs. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

TopLine Farms isn't the only employer that is hurting for employees — more 60 exhibitors were at the job fair. The event sold out in September with employers on the wait list.

Melissa Basarac, employment services manager for New Canadian Centre of Excellence, said although there are so many jobs out there it is not surprising that the unemployment rate is going up.

"You can have a lot of people that are unemployed but do they have the right skills to fit the jobs in the industry that they are looking for? Right now, I think it's a big mismatch," she said.

A list of jobs that TopLine Farms is hiring for. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Windsor's unemployment rate in September increased to 7.3 per cent. It was 6.6 per cent in August.

More than 1,100 people visited the job fair at the WFCU Centre Friday afternoon.