Walkerville Collegiate math teacher receives Prime Minister's award

Alice Aspinall says she's overwhelmed by the support from past teachers, students and takes pride in launching STEM careers.

Secondary math teacher posts tutorials on YouTube watched by thousands

Math teacher Alice Aspinall says she's overwhelmed by the support from her peers, parents and former students. (Chris Ensing/CBC)

A high school teacher in Windsor credited with making math contagious has been recognized with a Prime Minister's award for her work.

Walkerville Collegiate math teacher Alice Aspinall received a certificate of achievement for excellence in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) which she was nominated for by her peers. 

Aspinall said teaching math is what she "lives for" and takes great pride in encouraging young women to launch themselves into STEM careers.

"When I hear that these students are in engineering and in math programs or actuarial programs, that makes me really proud," said Aspinall. 

"I often get comments like 'You're a female teacher teaching advanced functions or teaching calculus?', which is something that maybe is still not a norm for people."

Aspinall was also recognized for her work that's been posted on YouTube. She's created dozens of videos explaining complicated math formulas that have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

Watch Aspinall explain what the best part of her day is as a Windsor teacher

Meet the Windsor teacher whose passion is being recognized with a Prime Minister's award.

2 months ago
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Walkerville Collegiate teacher Alice Aspinall shares her passion for inspiring future STEM students after being recognized with a Prime Minister's award. 1:35