Windsor symphony musicians will get new music one week before concert

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra has about a week to pivot to a new set of music for its next concert.

'We will be ready' vows symphony executive director

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra has to make a sudden shift — and learn new music just days before their concert. (Stacey Janzer/CBC)

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra has about a week to pivot to a new set of music for its next concert. 

They were supposed to play a selection from Prince on Feb. 22 at the WSO Rocks concert — but that license never came through.

"We have been told that it is because of the settlement of the estate, or that the estate is not settled," said symphony executive director Sheila Wisdom.

The rights to the music have been approved in the past, which is why the symphony decided on the concert and began practicing the music before the licensing had come in. 

"In the absence of having the license, we will not go ahead," said Wisdom. "Things are getting a bit more difficult [with the estate]."

WSO ticket holders can pick up a refund if they don't want to come to the restructured show.

Wisdom said the situation shows how "nimble" their partner, Jeans 'n' Classics, is, having to replace the music with such short notice.

Members of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra rehearse October 2017. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

Music by Pharrell Williams, Luther Vandross and Earth, Wind & Fire will replace Prince on the docket. 

"It will be keeping with the spirit of the show," said Wisdom. "It will be a good night."

Wisdom said she encourages everyone to come out and see how well the musicians are able to shift gears. 

"We will be ready, we will be on stage and we will have a great show."


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