Windsor's Adam Trupish retrieves portion of stolen photos

Olympic boxer Adam Trupish and his wife, Autum Dempster, said more than 2,000 photos were taken from their car after a pair of thieves broke into their downtown apartment building.

Olympic boxer Adam Trupish and his wife were devastated when thieves stole an extensive collection of photos

Adam Trupish and Autumn Dempster have recovered a large portion of their photo collection that was stolen from their car Monday afternoon. (Facebook)

Adam Trupish and his wife are happy to have obtained a portion of their photo collection, which was stolen Monday when two thieves broke into their car.

Windsor police found the photos in an alley after receiving a tip from a resident, said Trupish's wife, Autum Dempster, who let out a loud scream when she got the call Wednesday.

"I'm just glad to know that they're not in a dumpster somewhere and are going to be destroyed," she said. "I'm happy to whoever turned them in to police."

The photos are drying after being exposed to heavy rain. Trupish is still missing photos from his Olympic fighting days, but many of the couple's engagement and wedding have been recovered.

"They were in the rain for probably about two days," he said. "I've got them all spread out, drying out."

Photos of suspects released

Among the items taken were precious family photos including shots of Trupish proposing in a boxing ring at the old Windsor Racetrack and pictures of him in action at the Athens and Beijing Olympics.

The couple plan to continue their search for the remaining photos.

Windsor police have released photos of two suspects who may have stolen family photos from Olympian Adam Trupish and his wife, Autum Dempster. (Windsor Police Service)

Windsor police released surveillance images of the two men suspected of breaking into the car and taking the stash of photos. 

The men entered an underground parking lot where the car was parked. One was seen carrying a duffle bag believed to be full of the couple's pictures, according to police.