Annular solar eclipse seen across Canada captured in Belle River

Early morning risers woke up Thursday to an annular solar eclipse in parts of Canada and around the world . It followed a lunar eclipse from two weeks earlier.

Comes two weeks after a lunar eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

14 days ago
An annual solar eclipse was seen across the Northern Hemisphere, including Canada on Thursday June 10. 1:27

Early morning risers in Belle River caught a glimpse of the sun being blocked out by the moon Thursday morning.

Some Canadians, particularly those living in the Northern Hemisphere, had an opportunity to see a partial view of an annular solar eclipse. It began in Ontario, then swept across Greenland, the North Pole and finally Siberia, as the moon passed directly in front of the sun.

Two weeks ago, those living in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg were able to catch sight of a lunar eclipse. 

There are three main types of solar eclipses: total, partial and annular. During a total eclipse, the entire disk of the sun is covered by the moon. A partial eclipse is where the moon appears to swing through some of the sun.

An annular eclipse, however, is when the moon is a little farther away from Earth in its orbit and covers all but the outer edge of the sun, creating what some call a "ring of fire."

The annular part of the eclipse was visible in northern Ontario at sunrise, up through Hudson Bay and into northern Quebec and the Arctic. 

Additional options were available for the early birds who did not have good visuals in their regions. The Virtual Telescope Project followed the eclipse online. For those who wanted to take photographs, safety tips were made available at Sky & Telescope.

With files by Nicole Mortillaro and Chris Ensing


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