Windsor's Christian Vegh heading to Bluesfest and beyond

Christian Vegh might just be 18-years-old but he's a wiz on the six-string, and his skills are gaining attention in his hometown Windsor and across the border.

Bluesfest announces 2015 line-up

8 years ago
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Local musician Christian Vegh plays the blues at the announcement of the 2015 Bluesfest line-up

Christian Vegh might just be 18 years old but he's a wiz on the six-string, and his skills are gaining attention in his hometown of Windsor and across the border.

"The last two years have really been the pinnacle of the challenge to be a musician," Vegh told CBC Radio's Afternoon Drive. "I've really been struggling to find myself in music and I've really been working hard at my playing and my singing."

When Vegh was 16 and a student at Assumption College Catholic School, he played his guitar with skill beyond his years. The school named him their Jazz Musician of the Year. But even better, Vegh was named an outstanding soloist at international music competitions in New York and Nashville.

This weekend, he's earned a coveted spot playing Bluesfest Windsor. He said he'll be bringing, well, a guitar, among other things — and a two-person band.

"I'm really excited I get to work with these two guys, [drummer Taylor Younis and bassist Keith Wilkinson]," he said. "It's professionalism all the time and it's really, really great."

Vegh has been spending some time preparing for his weekend gig, but he's also been busy working on new projects. He wrote and recorded his first EP.

"That was my first time ever and having to prepare and also record the music that I've written. It was a really different experience," he said. 

That EP caught the attention of some of Vegh's influences, like Alex Lifeson from Rush, who told him to never stop playing. 

But it really hit Vegh when he heard from his favourite guitarist, Joe Bonamassa. It's his dream to one day share the stage with the American blues master.

"Joe called up his greatest inspiration, Eric Clapton, up on stage," he said. "I hope I make it there one day and I'll call Joe up."

 When it comes to developing that unique sound, he's not quite sure he's there yet.

"I honestly couldn't tell you," he said with a laugh. "I'm finding that sound ... It's very elusive. It's a massive field that you have to find yourself in."

In the fall, Vegh will make the move to Boston, where he received a scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music. 

The Christian Vegh Band are scheduled to play the 4:10 p.m. slot this Sunday at Bluesfest Windsor.