Windsor Public Library eliminates overdue fines in 2012

The Windsor Public Library's policy of no longer fining people for having overdue books is now in effect.

The Windsor Public Library will no longer fine people for having overdue books, starting Jan. 3.

The board of directors voted in favour of eliminating fines on overdue materials earlier in 2011, and the new policy went into effect to kick off the new year.

Library chair Coun. Al Maghnieh said people should be rewarded, not punished, for using the library services.

"You don't want to penalize people for reading. Sometimes you're really into a novel and it takes you a little longer to get through it. As it happens, you return a book two or three days late. It's not a big deal. We can get over that," Maghnieh said. "It's a way of really rewarding our patrons for using the library."

Maghnieh said staff can now concentrate on other important duties rather tracking down overdue materials and fining delinquent users.

The library used to collect about $50,000 in fines each year. There is no word on how that revenue will now be generated.