Windsor Public Library board addresses streaming sex shows

Alexandria Morra has been charged with one count of an indecent act after CBC found video of a woman known online as “lilsecrett” flashing and masturbating in the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches of the library.
Alexandria Morra is accused of streaming live sex shows from branches of the Windsor Public Library. (Screen Grab)

The Windsor Public Library Board is still making policy changes in the wake of an online streaming sex show scandal.

The board met Tuesday night for the first time since CBC News was first to report a woman streamed dozens of live sex shows from two different branches of the library.

After turning herself in to police, Alexandria Morra was charged with one count of an indecent act after CBC found video of a woman known online as "lilsecrett" flashing and masturbating in the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches of the library.

At times, unaware library users were also visible in the videos that were streamed live and then archived for purchase online.

Library board making changes 

Peter Frise, the chair of the library board, said the board wants to make sure all people who use the library are safe. 

"Nothing's more important than the safety of children," said Frise. "We have looked at all of our operations and physical layout of our branches and we're making adjustment to improve the safety and security of our clients," he said. 

Frise said each branch is unique, with the goal being to improve the sight lines in every branch so staff could see throughout the library, and to eliminate "dark corners where someone could do something inappropriate without being observed." 

Changes have also been made to library computers. 

"We've improved software filters to control web access for inappropriate material, and each branch, all of our staff are walking thorough the branch on a regular basis to observe patrons and make sure everybody is behaving properly," he said. 

Frise said when it comes to preventing all incidents such as these, he doesn't think it's realistic. 

"It's just modern times, if someone comes to a public place with ill intent, if they want to do something that's wrong, they're going to make an attempt to do it," said Frise. "I think it's incumbent on the organization to monitor behaviour and make sure those things don't occur at all if possible." 

CEO's library report  

Library CEO Kitty Pope also addressed the incident at today's board meeting.

"As a result of the video "incident" last month Windsor Public Library is in the process of reviewing all floor plans and staff sight lines," Pope's report reads.

According to Pope's report:

  • Fontainebleau has been reorganized and customers are really pleased.
  • Bridgeview and Sandwich are in the process of being reorganized.
  • Forest Glade is being weeded and shelves will be moved.
  • The smaller locations of Seminole, Remington and Walkerville, require minor shelving adjustments to ensure staff can see the whole library.
  • Riverside and Budimir (which are more complex projects due to stack heights and collection size) will be completed as part of their renovations.
  • Central stack heights are currently being evaluated, security cameras moved and "blind spots" assessed.

The report also says a new "walk the floor" initiative has been a success.

All library staff must now walk through the library several times a shift.

"This is resulting in really positive comments from customers and an interesting learning opportunity for staff as they are more visible and available to assist customers at their point of need," Pope's report reads.

At the meeting councilor Jo-Anne Gignac suggested staff should have scheduled walks through the library, which Pope agreed with. 

The pre-trial for Alexandria Morra, the woman accused of streaming live sex shows from two branches of the Windsor Public Library, is set for May.