Windsor police issue first ticket for driving with cannabis in vehicle

Two tickets were issued in Windsor and Sarnia for drivers who were allegedly carrying cannabis in their vehicles.

Sarnia OPP also fined a man for having marijuana in the vehicle

Windsor police's first R.I.D.E. program since the legalization of recreational cannabis use has resulted in an impaired driving charge. (@WindsorPolice/Twitter)

Windsor police have handed out their first ticket related to legalized cannabis in Canada, after a man was allegedly found with cannabis "readily available" in his vehicle while driving. 

"That is an offence under the Cannabis Act and that ticket, with the victim fine surcharge, is $215," said Sgt. Steve Betteridge. 

The man was ticketed during a R.I.D.E. inspection on Thursday night — the first conducted by the Windsor Police Service since the new cannabis laws came into effect on Oct. 17.

There were two separate inspections with more than 800 vehicles checked by police officers over a two-hour period, according to Betteridge. 

Windsor police arrested and charged another man with impaired operation of a motor vehicle during the traffic check.

Betteridge said officers suspected the drug involved is cannabis.

How to avoid a cannabis ticket while traveling with legal marijuana:

How to travel with weed in your car legally

4 years ago
Duration 0:43
The Windsor Police Service explain how you should carry legal cannabis in your vehicle.

Same ticket issued in Sarnia

The Ontario Provincial Police in Sarnia also issued their first ticket under the Cannabis Act on Thursday. 

The OPP said a 38-year-old Toronto man was stopped by police after reportedly driving "a luxury vehicle" erratically on Highway 402.

He was issued a ticket for $215 after police found cannabis readily available in the vehicle, according to the OPP. 

Section 12(1) of the Cannabis Act:

No person shall drive or have the care or control of a vehicle or boat, whether or not it is in motion, while any cannabis is contained in the vehicle or boat.


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