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Here's what some voters under 40 have to say about the gas prices

Our under-40 panellists discuss the daily costs of living, housing prices, gas prices and how affordability will affect the way they vote on June 2.

Panellists discuss the rising cost of living ahead of the provincial election

What some voters under 40 have to say about the gas prices

1 month ago
Duration 2:05
A panel on Windsor Morning discuss cost of living prior to the provincial election.

CBC's Windsor Morning host Nav Nanwa assembled a panel of people under 40 who have relatable stories about affordability.

He met with Luc Michaud, Amna Masoodi and Sarthak Sharma. These three live in Windsor-Essex and plan to vote.

Watch them discuss how the rising cost of gas has changed the way they budget for their family. And what role affordability plays in the way they will be voting June 2, 2022.

WATCH | Other highlights from this week's panel on Windsor Morning:

How the rising cost of living will affect how these people vote

1 month ago
Duration 2:10
A panel on Windsor Morning discuss affordability prior to the provincial election.
On Wednesday we heard how the panellists are reprioritizing spending in their households.

In Thursday's segment, the panellists share their stories about home ownership. One panellist has moved back in with his parents to save for a down payment, while another panellist shares why they can't afford a house for his growing family.


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