Windsor, Ont., residents make noise over mysterious hum

Approximately 23,000 area residents picked up the phone last night to have their say on the Windsor Hum.

Telephone town hall meeting draws 23,000 callers

Approximately 23,000 area residents picked up the phone last night to have their say on the Windsor Hum.

The telephone town hall let people vent about the rumble heard across the city as well as debate solutions to the hum coming from Zug Island.

One suggestion was to launch a class action lawsuit against the companies on the island.

Local NDP MP Brian Masse said that could do more harm than good.

"What we should be doing is looking at a diplomatic solution first but also preparing for other challenges if we don't receive the type of fairness we seek," Masse said.

The MP said all three levels of government should work together to get some answers.

The mayor of River Rouge, Mich., which is home to Zug Island, said his city is no longer investigating the noise because it has no money to do so.

'Great response'

Coun. Al Maghnieh hosted the telephone town hall Thursday. He said he was more than happy with the way it went.

"That was a great, great response. It just goes to show you how important this issue is and how many people this is affecting in Windsor-Essex," Maghnieh said.

Maghnieh said Windsor will collaborate with other levels of government to try and get some answers.

The noise, which sounds like an idling semi truck, started in February of 2011 and was pinpointed to Zug Island late last year.