Windsor needs a new flag, local librarian says

A local librarian says it's time that Windsor looks at getting a new flag, one which might better represent the city.

'It's not the worst-designed flag out there, but it could stand for some improvement': Mita Williams

Mita Williams wants the city of Windsor to have a new flag. (CBC)

A local librarian says it's time that Windsor looks at getting a new flag, one which might better represent the city.

Mita Williams believes the city's current flag is dated, poorly designed and hard to interpret from a distance.

Williams says it's time that Windsor look at replacing its municipal flag, shown in the image above. (CBC)

"It's not the worst-designed flag out there, but it could stand for some improvement," she told CBC News in an interview.

The city's flag also has a rose on it, even though Williams says Windsor is "not really the City of Roses anymore."

For these reasons, Williams believes it's time for Windsor to look at going in a new direction.

As she put it in a blog post, "Every great city deserves a great flag. Maybe it's time for Windsor to get a new one."

She sees an opportunity with the city in the middle of setting a 20-year plan for the future.

Williams said if Windsor doesn't think about what it wants the future to look like, it will simply "stumble along" without making progress.

"I'm passionate about a well-designed city and I'm passionate about thinking about a future for Windsor," Williams said.

While Williams is hoping for change, not everyone is on board with seeing a new flag.

Joan Shanfield-Melnick said trimming the rose from Windsor's flag would be the wrong move.

"I think that Windsor is the City of Roses," said Shanfield-Melnick, who didn't like hearing any suggestion of dropping the rose from the city's flag.

"Roses are a symbol of Windsor's consistency, our economy," she added. "We're a beautiful city, with a beautiful flower."

Don Masse said the money that would go to a flag revamp would be better spent on other things.

"I think it's useless," he said. "Flags are expensive for one thing and why change it?"


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