Windsor community mourns New Zealand mosque shooting victims in vigil

A vigil at University of Windsor commemorated lives lost in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Students at the University of Windsor organized a gathering to remember lives lost

Around 200 people gathered for a vigil to remember the 50 people who died in two mosque shootings in Christchurch. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

A crowd of about 200 people gathered outside the Faculty of Law building at the University of Windsor to mourn the 50 people who died after two mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Muslim Law Association of Windsor organized the event as a way to remember the lives that were lost.

"It's definitely been jarring," said Mariam Jammal, president of the association.

"I think in any situation like this, it hits home for a lot of people, because these are just everyday people who are going about their lives, doing things that all of us regularly do," said Jammal.

Imam Yousef Wahb says the mass shootings are happening far too often. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

The gunman opened fire during Friday prayers. A 28-year-old Australian man has been arrested in connection with the shootings and has been charged with murder.

Forty-two people died at one mosque, and seven died at a second mosque. One person later died in hospital.

Another 50 people were injured during the attacks.

At the vigil in Windsor, Imam Yousef Wahb said mass shootings are happening far too often.

"We are tired of vigils," said Wahb.

"The problem is I don't believe myself that that was just a result of some Islamophobic incentives, because I don't think Islamophobia will actually produce all this evil."

Mariam Jammal says the community has come together in solidarity after the shootings in Christchurch. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

According to Jammal, a positive thing that has come out of this tragedy is seeing the way people have come together.

"I think it's important to take this time as a community to process and to reflect and to stand united together," said Jammal.

"We've rallied around each other in a way that I think is just very beautiful."

With files from Sanjay Maru