Windsor Morning panel: Who won the mayoral front-runner debate?

Remy Boulbol and Bill Marra discuss who won Wednesday's front-runner debate between Drew Dilkens and Matt Marchand.

Guests Remy Boulbol and Bill Marra look ahead to the Oct. 22 municipal election

Remy Boulbol and Bill Marra, centre, say the issue of transparency is going to be brought up by frontrunners Matt Marchand, left, and Drew Dilkens, right, more often as election day approaches. (CBC)

There was no clear winner from Wednesday afternoon's mayoral front-runner debate, according to CBC Radio's Windsor Morning panel.

With only two candidates on stage Wednesday, each one had some time to rip into their opponent as they answered questions on how they plan on fighting crime, solving homelessness and making sure the taxpayers' money is well spent.

Remy Boulbol and Bill Marra say Matt Marchand held his own on the debate stage, while Drew Dilkens did a great job of challenging his opponent's platform.

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Boulbol said the issue of transparency was the biggest highlight for her after watching Wednesday's debate.

"People keep asking for it. There's got to be something behind that, so even if it's just the optics of what that looks like, I think it's relevant," said Boulbol, adding she doesn't think there was a clear winner.

As for Marra, he said the exchange of attacks between both front-runners "isn't what people want to hear."

"I'm not surprised the issue of transparency took the stage to the extent that it did because it's not a Windsor phenomenon. It's something we've been hearing from across the border ever since the current president took office," said Marra.

"It's something we heard about at the provincial level at the last campaign — something that's been really emphasized by the current Premier and I think it's just part of a theme that extends itself to every election cycle."

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