Club looks to recruit younger players for 'the best sport that you never knew existed:' lawn bowling

Windsor Lawn Bowling Club is open for registration for the season and is hoping to attract a younger crowd to the game.

'We are in Canada what curling is like in Australia,' says president of Windsor Lawn Bowling Club

Jason Currie, president of the Windsor Lawn Bowling Club, said he loves the sport because he finds it relaxing. (Darrin Di Carlo/CBC)

Windsor Lawn Bowling Club is open for registration for the season and it is looking to attract new members, particularly younger ones.

Located at 2 Memorial Drive, the club reopened last week as the province's COVID-19 reopening plan allowed. 

"This is the best sport that you never knew existed," said Cary Lucier, vice-president of Windsor Lawn Bowling Club.

"You don't really find that out, until you come out here and try it." 

Lawn bowling, similar to curling or bocci, is played outdoors, and presents the objective of rolling a ball as close to a target as possible. 

This year, the club is seeing a surge in interest from younger players and its members are hoping to recruit some. 

"People tend to think lawn bowling is a senior sport, where everybody is really old," said Lucier. "The people coming out this year, are quite younger than our membership is, at the moment. Our club average age is going to drop substantially this year." 

WATCH | People of all ages love lawn bowling. Would you give it a try? 

Windsor Lawn Bowling Club is open for the summer

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As restrictions have eased, more members are showing interest in lawn bowling, and many are from a younger crowd.

The club currently has 60 members, but prior to COVID-19, there were approximately 90 members of the club.

Jason Currie, president of Windsor Lawn Bowling Club, is hoping to increase the memberships again with an emphasis on younger players. 

"It can become a Friday night out," said Currie. "You see that in Australia. Their clubs have seen a lot of growth because they're able to do something like that."

In 2019, he installed a bar, in hopes it would attract a younger crowd.

Due to public health restrictions, the club has been challenged with limiting the number of players on the field at one time but Currie does maintain it is a good game to play at a social distance. 

According to Lucier, the average age of club members is going to drop this year. (Darrin Di Carlo/CBC)

Ted Merritt, a member of the club, has been helping with the effort to attract new players through social media connections. 

"We've had lot of positive responses," said Merritt. 

Windsor Lawn Bowling Club allows members to play socially, competitively and in tournaments. The club members play in Jackson Park.

"It's a nice casual game to play and make new friends and try a new sport," said Merritt.

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